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#12338 cioppino.twothumbs lead to wrong results plone-website@… Bug minor duplicate
#12076 Hotfix information does not spring out smcmahon Bug major fixed
#12948 Odd links to "" Bug minor invalid
#12947 No forum seems to exist Bug minor wontfix
#11446 Request for SVN commit access gotcha Bug minor fixed
#11447 Request to get commit acces to Collective Repository gotcha Feature Request minor fixed
#11751 Requst Access to edit Plone Provider Page plone-website@… Bounty Mission n/a invalid
#11850 security issues in issue tracker should not be public visible Feature Request minor wontfix
#11598 WikiSyntax help link does not load plone-website@… Bug minor 4.1 duplicate

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#13623 js resources need to be cooked and I'm getting an nginx error trying Bug major
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