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#20131 TinyMCE link features are broken on Plone 4.3.3 + IE11 keul confirmed Bug critical
#11673 does not setup browserlayer optilude, keul, saily, gbastien confirmed Bug major
#13580 "Policy" menu of CMFPlacefulWorkflow is broken when current folder has a default page keul confirmed Bug major
#8268 Indexing/Transforming issue with Word files for the wvWare transform grahamperrin, micecchi, keul reopened nouri Bug minor
#10123 ATNewsItem should be supported by keul confirmed Feature Request minor
#11217 Sunburst Theme: Expanding textarea's right portlets bleed through keul, fdelia confirmed Bug minor
#11355 Static text portlet that is set to show only on a default view of a folder produces internal links that are broken. keul assigned cguardia Bug minor
#12065 Form field error message should be in field's label rmattb, keul assigned keul Bug minor
#13058 Plone does not handle properly some common quoting character in titles keul confirmed Bug minor
#13078 Add support for HTML 5 microdata keul confirmed Feature Request minor
#13378 Adding new (translated) criteria to force to translate also group keul confirmed vincentfretin Bug minor
#13515 captcha support not always loaded keul confirmed tisto Bug minor
#13566 TinyMCE filters start attribute in lists keul confirmed Bug minor
#13679 Automatic CSRF protection keul reopened PLIP minor
#13774 time zone mismatch between request and date in catalog keul, micecchi new Bug minor
#13820 Use "Add portal content" permissions for manage_pasteObjects keul new PLIP minor
#13835 Add better rst support to project pages keul new plone-website@… Feature Request minor
#14193 Content rule that change workflow state must handle effective date keul confirmed thomasdesvenain Bug minor
#14279 portal_javascript "safe" compression is not so safe keul confirmed vangheem Bug minor
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