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#11395 relations behavior needs improvement dexterity, staging, relations confirmed optilude Bug critical
#11599 content_status_history cannot unset dates: Cannot batch unset Expiration and Publication dates expiration, publication, workflow confirmed limi Bug major
#13321 UnicodeDecodeError in PloneHotfix20121106 v1.2 hotfix confirmed Bug major
#10059 Archetypes widgets textCounter issue and solution textCount, onkeyup, onkeydown, keypress, textarea confirmed nouri Bug minor
#12831 Previous/Next Functionality Wrong in Plone 4 Previous/Nexttuneup assigned nrb Bug minor
#13044 External edit raises Unauthorized if user has no AccessContentsInformation on parent security, external_editor confirmed Bug minor
#13053 does not work correctly with virtualhostmonster VHM, searchbox confirmed admins@… Bug minor
#13085 ValueError: unknown locale: UTF-8 not found error after brand new install of Plone 4.2 with OS X Lion installer osx confirmed ericof Bug minor
#13246 Plone auto-renameing external links auto-rename, externallinks confirmed Bug minor
#13320 externaledit timeout too short externaledit, webdav, zopeedit, timer, upstream confirmed Bug minor
#13366 no way to set fields on dexterity content via web service api xmlrpc confirmed Bug minor
#13371 Highlight search terms script not running after AJAX refresh of search search, highlight, ajax, update confirmed Bug minor
#13511 Diazo external script tag src breaks rules.xml rules, script, external confirmed Bug minor
#13517 Invalid HTML in, textarea field and comments XHTML confirmed Bug minor
#13618 Theme editor doesn't insert rules at cursor in rules.xml diazo, theme, rules, browser, firefox, iceweasel, chromium confirmed Bug minor
#13673 getMultiadapter error with custom EditForm and widgets.mode in dexterity plone 4.2 dexterityformeditForm new Bug minor
#13688 Import a Plone Site with personal Grok event handlers: AttributeError dexterity, grok, import new Bug minor
#13737 getReferences method does not exist on Dexterity objects even with IReferanceable behaviour dexterity new Bug minor
#13792 plone.contentmenu fails to render in Archtype-based folders set to inherit locally allowed types from Dexterity-based container dexterity new Bug minor
#13817 dexterity FTI don't load model_file xml if schema and model_source are missing dexterity new Bug minor
#13826 outdated information about the hotfix PloneHotfix20131210 webpage, hotfix, outdated new Bug minor
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