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#12273 Verbose security is no longer verbose in 4.1 patch, PAS confirmed Bug major
#12456 comment.notify_user comment.user_notification always none! patch confirmed Bug major
#12531 Comments visibility, patch confirmed Bug major
#12949 Exception when using CMFEditions with collective.contentleadimage on File Object patch confirmed alecm Bug major
#13104 @@search fails with attribute error for view.breadcrumbs(item) patch, tuneup confirmed Bug major
#8338 creation of new content with space at the end of shortname raises exception patch confirmed nouri Bug minor
#9416 Speed up large display lists by 10x patch confirmed nouri Bug minor
#10123 ATNewsItem should be supported by NewsItem, blobs, patch confirmed Feature Request minor
#11796 Support for Web Fonts in skins DirectoryViews CMFCore, patch reopened Bug minor
#12111 @@usergroup-groupmembership "Show All users" batching broken users, groups, forqa, patch reopened Bug minor
#12396 migration from older versions., patch confirmed Bug minor
#12528 'Site Administrator' users are presented with the UI for removing group members from Manager groups patch confirmed davisagli Bug minor
#12772 Products.ResourceRegistries: "inline" resouces fail with "redirect" patch confirmed Bug minor
#12821 An exception occurs when pressing Cancel button in @@user-information, personalinformation, cancelbutton, Patch reopened Bug minor
#12834 [patch] fix issue with user notification Patch confirmed tisto Bug minor
#13133 CMFCore breaks if entering a portal_actions action with non-ASCII letters patch, upstream confirmed Bug minor
#13290 Patch for TinyMCE to make image alt tag required in ploneimage add form patch confirmed Bug minor
#13385 State-mapping doesn't work in multilingual sites workflow, linguaplone, patch confirmed Bug minor
#13509 RSS feed does not "link" back to the Collection that generated it. rss_template, link, collection, patch confirmed vangheem Bug minor
#13557 Filtering broken in 1.2.x (Plone 4.3) control panel patch confirmed danjacka Bug minor
#12362 Tags entry is not remembered on form error Patch confirmed Bug trivial
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