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#20229 Enable anonymous email field in Discussion Setting does not work new Bug major 4.x
#20230 cannot start plone after installing through buildout new Bug blocker 4.x
#20231 a light-weight full-text search function is required against collective.documentviewer new Feature Request critical 4.x
#20237 toLocalizedTime does not handle Dexterity "Date" field type ( values new davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#20246 Schema.List NamedBlobFile field value(s) lost on resubmit new davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#20255 Getting error uploading files via ftp to dexterity folders new Bug minor 4.x
#20265 Disable my account new admins@… Bug minor 4.x
#20274 Archetypes File widget generates invalid (X)HTML new davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#20281 Requirements in plone.i18n-3.0.0 new Bug n/a 4.x
#20282 Comments may have effective date in the future hiding them from search results new tisto Bug minor 4.x
#20285 Unable to add any thing in page level new Bug minor 4.x
#20287 Dexterity behavior - issue with inconsistent behavior usage across multiple portals new davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#20310 Fresh Mount ATFolder on plone site failed new davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#20311 PluggableAuthService and PluginRegistry cause fatal error in windows when plone location is not in c:/Plone4 new Bug major 4.x
#20312 ZODB Mountpoint broken on folder new Bug minor 4.x
#20327 Normalize en and em dash new Bug minor 4.x
#20332 prepOverlay overwrites existing rel="" values new vangheem Bug minor 4.x
#20333 archetypes.querywidget: multiselectionwidget not initially reopenable new vangheem Bug minor 4.x
#20349 UFC 198 Live Stream - Werdum vs Miocic HD Free new Bug major 4.x
#20350 Portlet group (static portlet) not renderizing new Bug minor 4.x
#20351 UFC 199 Live Stream new Bug minor 4.x
#20352 Tony Awards 2016 Live Stream new Bug minor 4.x
#20353 Game 5 NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2016 Live Stream new Bug minor 4.x
#20354 Game 4 NBA Finals 2016 Live Stream new Bug minor 4.x
#20355 UFC 200 Live Stream Lesnar vs Hunt Online Free HD new Bug minor 4.x
#8540 /events/aggregator/RSS and similar events-specific feeds should optionally yield presentation of an event's dates reopened Feature Request major Future
#8691 Non-latin scripts should have a larger font base size reopened Feature Request minor Future
#9293 Integrate to allow folks to change the owners of content confirmed PLIP minor Future
#9436 plonelanguagetool wrecks caching confirmed Bug minor Future
#10068 TinyMCE doesn't support libraries as kupu does confirmed Feature Request minor Future
#10174 Image cropping for Plone reopened PLIP minor Future
#10602 handle nested skin items confirmed davisagli Feature Request minor Future
#10620 add relevant links to plone themeing manual confirmed davisagli Feature Request critical Future
#10978 does not get exported with the genericsetup contenthandler confirmed witsch Bug minor Future
#12356 Implement the HEAD verb in WebDAV confirmed Feature Request minor Future
#12727 Configuration setting in TinyMCE for the default upload location reopened robgietema Feature Request major Future
#12870 PLIP: Handle Portraits using PAS and PropertySheets only confirmed PLIP minor Future
#13397 PLIP. Placeless adding confirmed vangheem PLIP minor Future
#10356 Move Document on how to create Generic Setup uninstall profiles confirmed doc-editors@… Bug minor Ongoing
#10467 dist_plone breaking plone.recipe.plone = 3.1.7 reopened Bug minor Ongoing
#13301 Create and test deco prototype confirmed vangheem Feature Request n/a Ongoing
#13302 Document Mockup Testing Procedures confirmed vangheem Feature Request n/a Ongoing
#13303 Content browser prototype confirmed vangheem Feature Request n/a Ongoing
#13304 Write UI Guidelines confirmed Feature Request n/a Ongoing
#13623 js resources need to be cooked and I'm getting an nginx error trying confirmed Bug major Ongoing
#11517 Filter hosting providers by region confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor
#11533 Saving object with "Related Items" throws ReferenceException: Invalid target UID reopened Bug major
#11555 Suggestion: sort "highest rated" products by likes - dislikes, instead of just by likes confirmed eleddy Feature Request minor
#11700 Suggested bounty mission: write a tool to scrape product information from PyPi confirmed plone-website@… Bounty Mission minor
#11725 Non-ascii character in title of Plone Service Provider causes UnicodeEncodeError confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor
#12079 Clean Data.fs copies from confirmed nutjob Feature Request minor
#12192 Spam filtering for lists? assigned martior Bug minor
#12308 site thumbnails break on https:// reopened plone-website@… Bug minor
#12321 portal-languageselector should be drop down menu confirmed vincentfretin Feature Request major
#12367 should allow reuploading zip of existing theme reopened ldr Bug minor
#12380 Delete LDAP group "Development Team" assigned nutjob Bug minor
#12480 plone.testing.zca.ZCMLSandbox: push/pop registry per test confirmed Feature Request minor
#12503 diazo should have move command confirmed ldr Feature Request minor
#12963 Trac: Multiple keywords are collapsed when saving ticket, separating spaces are removed. assigned asigottech Bug minor
#13063 increase file size limit on confirmed plone-website@… Feature Request minor
#13075 Trac does no longer Cc: ticket contributors after update assigned asigottech Bug minor
#13128 Please terminate spammer "jak" ( reopened Bug minor
#13149 Trac linkrot confirmed Bug minor
#13182 is down assigned martior Bug minor
#13243 collective svn commit access confirmed Bug minor
#13253 PLIP: Inline background images automatically in CSSRegistry confirmed mborch Feature Request minor
#13261 My new blog RSS feed confirmed Feature Request minor
#13293 Login process wonky on reopened plone-website@… Bug minor
#13295 Plone contact info missing on Github confirmed plone-website@… Feature Request major
#13297 My product doesn't show up in /products search for 4.2 compatible packages confirmed Bug minor
#13305 Cloud installers summary confirmed Wyn Feature Request minor
#13334 needs HTTPS support reopened plone-website@… Feature Request minor
#13339 Cannot choose Plone version when editing add-on metadata confirmed plone-website@… Bug major
#13340 -> d.p.o redirect needed confirmed plone-website@… Feature Request minor
#13345 Consider renaming of "" confirmed Feature Request minor
#13347 Need access confirmed martior Feature Request minor
#13386 request: is installation of collective.contentlicensing on possible? confirmed plone-website@… Feature Request minor
#13407 Akismet is rejecting valid bug reports confirmed admins@… Bug minor
#13438 Updated feed-URL confirmed Bug minor
#13564 Empty author page allthough article(s) exist confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor
#13630 Can't share company profile or Deployed site to an other user confirmed Bug minor
#13633 Commit permission for Collective SVN confirmed gotcha Feature Request minor
#20225 Team membership pages are very outdated new plone-website@… Bug minor
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