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#7089 Editor should be allowed to rename sub-objects confirmed Bug 4.x General
#8710 Info 'Changes saved' is a false statement when a group addition fails without explanation confirmed Bug 4.x General
#8792 keyword widget: performance issue in edit mode confirmed Bug 4.x Archetypes
#9177 User needs Modify portal content to paste items confirmed nouri Bug 4.x Archetypes
#9525 Reviewer that sends back to contributor gets Insufficient Privileges confirmed Bug 4.x General
#9529 Condition expression bug in Resource Registries on migrated instances confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#10240 getMemberInfo is not part of the IMembershipTool interface confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#10476 Folder full view is not XHTML-well formed (ids are not unique) confirmed elro Bug 4.x Templates/CSS
#10667 Uploading non image files results in site error when swallowResizeExceptions is set to False confirmed Bug 4.x Archetypes
#11310 Exception entering non-ASCII chars as content item's short name/ID confirmed Bug 4.x General
#11353 Error rendering classic portlets if unauthorized to access the context confirmed dukebody Bug 4.x Website
#11579 tiny_mce.js caching causes js load failure on browserviews confirmed Bug 4.x JavaScript
#11599 content_status_history cannot unset dates: Cannot batch unset Expiration and Publication dates confirmed limi Bug 4.x General
#11611 upgrade from 3.3.5 to 4.0.4/4.0.7 fails on unrestrictedTraverse confirmed Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#11615 uses two inspecific ids for customizations confirmed Bug 4.x General
#11640 Upgradestep "Uninstall a broken CacheFu" does not remove caching_policy_manager, portal_squid, etc confirmed Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#11673 does not setup browserlayer confirmed Bug 4.x General
#11970 content_status_modify calls are cached in Firefox 5 confirmed Bug 4.x General
#11999 Webdav upload might lead to database inconsistencies confirmed Bug 4.x General
#12128 Relative links for TinyMCE CSS is suboptimal confirmed robgietema Bug 4.x Visual Editor
#12259 Keywords widget: still hard to use with more than 100 keywords confirmed Feature Request 4.x Archetypes
#12273 Verbose security is no longer verbose in 4.1 confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#12321 portal-languageselector should be drop down menu confirmed vincentfretin Feature Request Templates/CSS
#12343 Dexterity based types report zero size to WebDAV clients confirmed Bug 4.x Dexterity
#12373 login as SITE_OWNER_NAME raises an exception confirmed Feature Request 4.x Backend (Python)
#12413 No "Reply-To" header set when member submits contact form confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#12447 content state changes are exposed as a link in the green bar "State: [current state]" menu causing a GET request with side effects confirmed Bug 4.x General
#12456 comment.notify_user comment.user_notification always none! confirmed Bug 4.x Commenting/Discussion
#12468 portal_state variable in parameters does not use context confirmed ldr Bug 4.x Diazo (
#12531 Comments visibility confirmed Bug 4.x Commenting/Discussion
#12557 Products.CMFPlone.UnicodeSplitter.splitter can crash at unicodedata.normalize confirmed vincentfretin Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#12757 [TinyMCE] List of Linkable Objects as a drop down list, not as a writable area confirmed robgietema Feature Request 4.x Visual Editor
#12949 Exception when using CMFEditions with collective.contentleadimage on File Object confirmed alecm Bug 4.x Versioning
#12966 Edit Collection: Absolute path should not take name of the Plone site in account confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13087 Wrong version of Python in windows installer confirmed Bug 4.x Installers
#13104 @@search fails with attribute error for view.breadcrumbs(item) confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13124 Upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 : Comments migration - 0 of 0 comments migrated confirmed Bug 4.x Commenting/Discussion
#13175 Pin to old breaks relative links filter confirmed davisagli Bug 4.x Dexterity
#13183 Supplied TinyMCE incompatible with jQuery 1.7.2 confirmed Bug 4.x Visual Editor
#13231 private folder changes public if any private item is changed public confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13238 ATFolder type restrictions acquire setting will break folders when pasted into Dexterity containers confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13260 Remove portal_skins from Products.CMFPlone confirmed PLIP 5.0 Backend (Python)
#13283 Merge some* packages into the Products.CMFPlone distribution confirmed davisagli PLIP 5.0 Backend (Python)
#13295 Plone contact info missing on Github confirmed plone-website@… Feature Request Sysadmin and Development Infrastructure
#13321 UnicodeDecodeError in PloneHotfix20121106 v1.2 confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13339 Cannot choose Plone version when editing add-on metadata confirmed plone-website@… Bug Website
#13341 indexing opendocument types confirmed Feature Request 4.x General
#13343 login form: credentials may be posted unencrypted confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13354 Non-existing URL might cause rendering of weird hybrid page that shows mixed contents from different locations. confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#13379 Products.ResourceRegistries: JavascriptPacker 'safe' compression concatenating next line to end of // confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#13383 calendaring/ics :empty website description breaks unicode handling confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13391 Can't migrate comments after upgrade to Plone 4.1 and later 4.2.1, comments cause Python process hang on page save, qPloneComments don't work anymore. confirmed Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#13392 portlet-condition causes instance down confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13434 Archetypes.Storage.annotation.migrateStorageOfType is not language aware confirmed Bug 4.x Archetypes
#13456 Syndication Error synPropertiesForm confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13470 Not working "Select a content item as default view" confirmed Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#13471 Unauthorized error at Collection RSS Feed which lists last comments confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13477 bin/restart fails after running buildout confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#13491 Bad "request['URL']" for "browser:page" with "attribute" attribute confirmed Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#13520 As default TinyMCE reload all CSS resources confirmed robgietema Bug 4.x Visual Editor
#13539 Sitmap traceback after migrating 4.2.5 to 4.3 confirmed Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#13556 Wrong language used in the PMI confirmed Bug 4.x Internationalization
#13562 supermodel parser fragility could create site lockout confirmed davisagli Bug 4.x Dexterity
#13563 Cannot delete a page on confirmed plone-website@… Bug 4.x Website
#13580 "Policy" menu of CMFPlacefulWorkflow is broken when current folder has a default page confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13603 deletion by acquisition confirmed gotcha Bug 4.x General
#13623 js resources need to be cooked and I'm getting an nginx error trying confirmed Bug Ongoing Website
#13769 Enabling syndication for folder having non-ascii character in title causes UnicodeDecodeError confirmed Bug 4.x General
#13773 Non-ascii character in title of collection which is default view for a folder causes UnicodeDecodeError confirmed Bug 4.x General
#20054 Cataloging multiple types under one index using plone.indexer confirmed Bug 4.x General
#20133 KeyError: 'plone.resources.development' confirmed Bug 5.0 General
#13638 Problems installing Plone 4.3 on Windows 8, XP new giacomos Bug 4.x Installers
#13701 Configuration items disappear from "Site Setup" area and from "portal_controlpanel" new Bug 4.x General
#13724 Make default Plone password policy support regexp new PLIP 5.0 Unknown
#13733 Upon upgrade from pre-4.0 "Site Administrator" is missing portlet permissions new davisagli Bug 4.x Upgrade/Migration
#13753 Customizing search results template in Plone 4.3 new vangheem Bug 4.x Templates/CSS
#16355 Bug: Losing Focus when you do a search with an Android Mobile new Bug 4.x Unknown
#16604 WebDAV upload fails to a folder that uses authentication new Bug 4.x Unknown
#20228 the effectiveness of path entries specified when creating a collection new Bug 4.x Unknown
#20229 Enable anonymous email field in Discussion Setting does not work new Bug 4.x Unknown
#20239 Implement API for Dexterity behaviors new davisagli PLIP 5.0 Dexterity
#20263 Going to "/edit" adds current user as owner of the object new davisagli Bug 5.0 Dexterity
#20311 PluggableAuthService and PluginRegistry cause fatal error in windows when plone location is not in c:/Plone4 new Bug 4.x General
#20349 UFC 198 Live Stream - Werdum vs Miocic HD Free new Bug 4.x Unknown
#8540 /events/aggregator/RSS and similar events-specific feeds should optionally yield presentation of an event's dates reopened Feature Request Future General
#9915 borg.localrole caching objects using id(object) reopened Bug 4.x Backend (Python)
#11533 Saving object with "Related Items" throws ReferenceException: Invalid target UID reopened Bug Unknown
#11887 Versioning does not work for fields using AnnotationStorage on folderish types reopened alecm Bug 4.x Versioning
#12727 Configuration setting in TinyMCE for the default upload location reopened robgietema Feature Request Future Visual Editor
#13447 Plone 4.2.4r3 Mac Installer fails to install reopened ericof Bug 4.x Installers
#13559 No Editor Window for Translating Nor Editing Chinese Documents/Events/News Items reopened Bug 4.x General
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