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#2963 Search keywords raise errors confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#2988 base tag differs from actual url reopened Bug 4.x minor
#5951 Uploaded images / files lost on validation error confirmed alecm Bug 4.x minor
#6715 HTML Filter UI should change if disable_transform is set to 1 in ZMi assigned dkozar Bug 4.x minor
#7896 PlonePAS ExtendedCookieAuthHelper doesn't play well with other plugins confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#8268 Indexing/Transforming issue with Word files for the wvWare transform reopened nouri Bug 4.x minor
#8304 zope clock-server and manage_createNewSecret confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#8338 creation of new content with space at the end of shortname raises exception confirmed nouri Bug 4.x minor
#8691 Non-latin scripts should have a larger font base size reopened Feature Request Future minor
#8795 Search page needs custom title confirmed silviot Feature Request 4.x minor
#8855 DCWorkflow shouldn't display "Item status changed" portal message when swallowing ObjectDeleted Exception confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9115 OpenDocument format .odt files added via WebDAV gains state, contrary to type setting (no workflow) for type file confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9183 Language set in user preferences can't be used as a negotiator confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#9212 SelectionWidget selects first value automatically confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9233 @@maintenance-controlpanel: No support for mounted storages, but just for "main" confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9293 Integrate to allow folks to change the owners of content confirmed PLIP Future minor
#9393 Portal View Customization - Unauthorized Error confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9411 Need documentation on how end users can change their passwords confirmed jluvsu2 Bug 4.x minor
#9416 Speed up large display lists by 10x confirmed nouri Bug 4.x minor
#9436 plonelanguagetool wrecks caching confirmed Bug Future minor
#9682 OFS.ObjectManager::checkValidId() barfs ' "++resource++plonetheme.artiktheme.images" contains characters illegal in URLs ' when adding page containing image resoure confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#9689 @@mail-controlpanel: The ESMTP field should indicate that a value has been saved (now: empty) assigned dukebody Bug 4.x minor
#10010 The user registration fields widget at @@member-registration is ugly confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#10059 Archetypes widgets textCounter issue and solution confirmed nouri Bug 4.x minor
#10068 TinyMCE doesn't support libraries as kupu does confirmed Feature Request Future minor
#10123 ATNewsItem should be supported by confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#10169 make folder_listing folder_summary_view with custom topics too confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#10174 Image cropping for Plone reopened PLIP Future minor
#10248 ValueError: database_name 'share' already in databases reopened Bug 4.x minor
#10356 Move Document on how to create Generic Setup uninstall profiles confirmed doc-editors@… Bug Ongoing minor
#10467 dist_plone breaking plone.recipe.plone = 3.1.7 reopened Bug Ongoing minor
#10602 handle nested skin items confirmed davisagli Feature Request Future minor
#10724 TinyMCE Toolbar Configuration with Permissions reopened robgietema Feature Request 4.x minor
#10725 TinyMCE Limit available image sizes reopened robgietema Feature Request 4.x minor
#10735 Can't change default mailhost options in ZMI assigned eleddy Bug 4.x minor
#10774 need replacement for uberselectionwidget that handles pagination better reopened Feature Request 4.x minor
#10802 Content Rule trigger "object added to this container" doesn't fire when an image is uploaded through TinyMCE confirmed optilude Bug 4.x minor
#10974 Plone thinks logged in as zope user when using ajax login form after logout assigned eleddy Bug 4.x minor
#10978 does not get exported with the genericsetup contenthandler confirmed witsch Bug Future minor
#10984 Content Disposition should be optional for Files assigned djay Feature Request 4.x minor
#11091 Improve support for "Office Open XML" files (Microsoft Office 2007+) confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11137 Error in migration from version 3.0.3! confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11148 ComboWidget - add configuration confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11161 should mechanism to eager load image scales confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11189 Link objects do not open in a new window assigned fulviocasali Bug 4.x minor
#11217 Sunburst Theme: Expanding textarea's right portlets bleed through confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11242 web_intelligent_plain_text_to_html transform: insert <p> instead of double <br/> for new paragraph confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11282 upgrading to Plone 4 can wipe out custom image scale sizes confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11355 Static text portlet that is set to show only on a default view of a folder produces internal links that are broken. assigned cguardia Bug 4.x minor
#11412 Mixing Nontranslatable Archetypes Content objects with LinguaPlone creates problems with saving LanguageIndependent fields confirmed vincentfretin Bug 4.x minor
#11422 All content view as document action confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11427 p.a.d should get e-mail from PAS for comments from actual users, not store it on the comment assigned timo Bug 4.x minor
#11481 removing tinymce styles in importhandler should be possible reopened robgietema Feature Request 4.x minor
#11494 File Versioning not migrated to Plone 4 confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11510 Feature requests for confirmed Feature Request 4.x minor
#11517 Filter hosting providers by region confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor
#11555 Suggestion: sort "highest rated" products by likes - dislikes, instead of just by likes confirmed eleddy Feature Request minor
#11573 Rename not working when not all parent folders can be traversed confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11588 TinyMCE does not allow IFRAMEs confirmed robgietema Feature Request 4.x minor
#11608 Adding truncated image raises IOError confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11623 Log in popup does not respect redirect in custom logged_in.cpy confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11700 Suggested bounty mission: write a tool to scrape product information from PyPi confirmed plone-website@… Bounty Mission minor
#11725 Non-ascii character in title of Plone Service Provider causes UnicodeEncodeError confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor
#11731 Update 3rd party calendar.js confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#11744 Bad country data confirmed vincentfretin Bug 4.x minor
#11752 Global "Show 'Short Name' on content?" check box should enable/disable field on personalize form confirmed limi Bug 4.x minor
#11796 Support for Web Fonts in skins DirectoryViews reopened Bug 4.x minor
#11934 Make use date formats for all variants available in zope.i18n.locales confirmed vincentfretin Feature Request 4.x minor
#11978 Portlet headings should include heading tags for accessibility confirmed rmattb Bug 5.0 minor
#11983 Link styling for better accessibility reopened Bug 5.0 minor
#12031 RelationDictDataManager lacks "query"-method (and mediates RelationValues to widgets) confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12057 File upload from tinyMCE editor should fire ObjectInitializedEvent confirmed robgietema Bug 4.x minor
#12065 Form field error message should be in field's label assigned keul Bug 4.x minor
#12079 Clean Data.fs copies from confirmed nutjob Feature Request minor
#12092 Accessibility improvements to default Plone folder views confirmed rmattb Bug 5.0 minor
#12094 Regression: LDAP users with Manager role cannot see private items in Plone 4.1 (works in 4.0) reopened Bug 4.x minor
#12095 18n-able error messages - products.validation confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12111 @@usergroup-groupmembership "Show All users" batching broken reopened Bug 4.x minor
#12161 Placeholder text JS code focuses input fields on submitting forms confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12192 Spam filtering for lists? assigned martior Bug minor
#12210 unified installer fails on CentOS5 (redhat) with lxml error reopened smcmahon Bug 4.x minor
#12245 CMFEditions checks for previous versions in a very inefficient way. confirmed alecm Bug 4.x minor
#12255 Plone 3 sites upgraded to Plone 4 contain troublesome ATBTreeFolder objects confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12264 moderate comments gives AttributeError: author_name reopened Bug 4.x minor
#12266 add adjustable css class option on portlets confirmed PLIP 5.0 minor
#12269 Add options to show comments in reverse order, disable reply-to-comment confirmed khink Feature Request 4.x minor
#12285 plone.outputfilters and img without src attribute confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12289 "bin/instance start" and "bin/instance stop" don't work on windows since 4.1 confirmed runyaga Bug 4.x minor
#12290 query [True, False] not working with BooleanIndex confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12308 site thumbnails break on https:// reopened plone-website@… Bug minor
#12356 Implement the HEAD verb in WebDAV confirmed Feature Request Future minor
#12367 should allow reuploading zip of existing theme reopened ldr Bug minor
#12380 Delete LDAP group "Development Team" assigned nutjob Bug minor
#12396 migration from older versions. confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12428 workflow state should be indicated by icons, not only colour confirmed Bug 5.0 minor
#12429 Insert Image and link to itself assigned dkozar Feature Request 4.x minor
#12480 plone.testing.zca.ZCMLSandbox: push/pop registry per test confirmed Feature Request minor
#12489 AttributeError: _setPortalTypeName upgrading 2.5.5 -> 4.2b1 confirmed Bug 4.x minor
#12503 diazo should have move command confirmed ldr Feature Request minor
#12528 'Site Administrator' users are presented with the UI for removing group members from Manager groups confirmed davisagli Bug 4.x minor
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