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#10978 does not get exported with the genericsetup contenthandler confirmed witsch Bug minor Future
#11412 Mixing Nontranslatable Archetypes Content objects with LinguaPlone creates problems with saving LanguageIndependent fields confirmed vincentfretin Bug minor 4.x
#13275 Transient failure in confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13680 Old Products in the Downloads section contain empty archives new plone-website@… Bug minor 4.x
#13790 plone.supermodel parsing of xml happens too early new Bug minor 4.x
#13803 IIntIds and missed moved events new Bug minor 4.x
#15230 Usability problem with references and deactivated use_popups option confirmed vangheem Bug minor 4.x
#20225 Team membership pages are very outdated new plone-website@… Bug minor
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