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#9682 OFS.ObjectManager::checkValidId() barfs ' "++resource++plonetheme.artiktheme.images" contains characters illegal in URLs ' when adding page containing image resoure confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#10169 make folder_listing folder_summary_view with custom topics too confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#10724 TinyMCE Toolbar Configuration with Permissions reopened robgietema Feature Request minor 4.x
#11091 Improve support for "Office Open XML" files (Microsoft Office 2007+) confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#11137 Error in migration from version 3.0.3! confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11217 Sunburst Theme: Expanding textarea's right portlets bleed through confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11282 upgrading to Plone 4 can wipe out custom image scale sizes confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11353 Error rendering classic portlets if unauthorized to access the context confirmed dukebody Bug major 4.x
#11481 removing tinymce styles in importhandler should be possible reopened robgietema Feature Request minor 4.x
#11494 File Versioning not migrated to Plone 4 confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11579 tiny_mce.js caching causes js load failure on browserviews confirmed Bug major 4.x
#11608 Adding truncated image raises IOError confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11611 upgrade from 3.3.5 to 4.0.4/4.0.7 fails on unrestrictedTraverse confirmed Bug major 4.x
#11623 Log in popup does not respect redirect in custom logged_in.cpy confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#11640 Upgradestep "Uninstall a broken CacheFu" does not remove caching_policy_manager, portal_squid, etc confirmed Bug major 4.x
#12557 Products.CMFPlone.UnicodeSplitter.splitter can crash at unicodedata.normalize confirmed vincentfretin Bug major 4.x
#13517 Invalid HTML in, textarea field and comments confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13642 Plone 4.0.7 - Maximum recursion depth error when checking in large PDF new Bug minor 4.x
#13702 If someone know the file download hyperlink,loggin in user can download it without authority. new Bug minor 4.x
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