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#13612 UUIDIndex missing values? confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13687 groups with large number of users takes a long time to load new Bug minor 4.x
#13751 TinyMCE Editor Random Scrolling when hitting enter key at bottom of page new Bug minor 4.x
#10174 Image cropping for Plone reopened PLIP minor Future
#10725 TinyMCE Limit available image sizes reopened robgietema Feature Request minor 4.x
#10774 need replacement for uberselectionwidget that handles pagination better reopened Feature Request minor 4.x
#11150 Disable ZODB configuration option "allow-implicit-cross-references", prevent latent POSKey errors reopened Feature Request major Future
#11533 Saving object with "Related Items" throws ReferenceException: Invalid target UID reopened Bug major
#11887 Versioning does not work for fields using AnnotationStorage on folderish types reopened alecm Bug major 4.x
#12094 Regression: LDAP users with Manager role cannot see private items in Plone 4.1 (works in 4.0) reopened Bug minor 4.x
#12308 site thumbnails break on https:// reopened plone-website@… Bug minor
#12367 should allow reuploading zip of existing theme reopened ldr Bug minor
#12727 Configuration setting in TinyMCE for the default upload location reopened robgietema Feature Request major Future
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