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#13568 uninstall LinguaPlone break the site confirmed Bug critical 4.x
#13725 can not edit my products on new plone-website@… Bug critical 4.x
#8540 /events/aggregator/RSS and similar events-specific feeds should optionally yield presentation of an event's dates reopened Feature Request major Future
#9177 User needs Modify portal content to paste items confirmed nouri Bug major 4.x
#9525 Reviewer that sends back to contributor gets Insufficient Privileges confirmed Bug major 4.x
#10476 Folder full view is not XHTML-well formed (ids are not unique) confirmed elro Bug major 4.x
#11599 content_status_history cannot unset dates: Cannot batch unset Expiration and Publication dates confirmed limi Bug major 4.x
#12413 No "Reply-To" header set when member submits contact form confirmed Bug major 4.x
#12531 Comments visibility confirmed Bug major 4.x
#12949 Exception when using CMFEditions with collective.contentleadimage on File Object confirmed alecm Bug major 4.x
#12966 Edit Collection: Absolute path should not take name of the Plone site in account confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13087 Wrong version of Python in windows installer confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13104 @@search fails with attribute error for view.breadcrumbs(item) confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13124 Upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 : Comments migration - 0 of 0 comments migrated confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13175 Pin to old breaks relative links filter confirmed davisagli Bug major 4.x
#13231 private folder changes public if any private item is changed public confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13238 ATFolder type restrictions acquire setting will break folders when pasted into Dexterity containers confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13321 UnicodeDecodeError in PloneHotfix20121106 v1.2 confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13341 indexing opendocument types confirmed Feature Request major 4.x
#13343 login form: credentials may be posted unencrypted confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13354 Non-existing URL might cause rendering of weird hybrid page that shows mixed contents from different locations. confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13379 Products.ResourceRegistries: JavascriptPacker 'safe' compression concatenating next line to end of // confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13383 calendaring/ics :empty website description breaks unicode handling confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13391 Can't migrate comments after upgrade to Plone 4.1 and later 4.2.1, comments cause Python process hang on page save, qPloneComments don't work anymore. confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13392 portlet-condition causes instance down confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13434 Archetypes.Storage.annotation.migrateStorageOfType is not language aware confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13447 Plone 4.2.4r3 Mac Installer fails to install reopened ericof Bug major 4.x
#13456 Syndication Error synPropertiesForm confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13470 Not working "Select a content item as default view" confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13471 Unauthorized error at Collection RSS Feed which lists last comments confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13477 bin/restart fails after running buildout confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13491 Bad "request['URL']" for "browser:page" with "attribute" attribute confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13520 As default TinyMCE reload all CSS resources confirmed robgietema Bug major 4.x
#13563 Cannot delete a page on confirmed plone-website@… Bug major 4.x
#13580 "Policy" menu of CMFPlacefulWorkflow is broken when current folder has a default page confirmed Bug major 4.x
#13701 Configuration items disappear from "Site Setup" area and from "portal_controlpanel" new Bug major 4.x
#13733 Upon upgrade from pre-4.0 "Site Administrator" is missing portlet permissions new davisagli Bug major 4.x
#16355 Bug: Losing Focus when you do a search with an Android Mobile new Bug major 4.x
#16604 WebDAV upload fails to a folder that uses authentication new Bug major 4.x
#20054 Cataloging multiple types under one index using plone.indexer confirmed Bug major 4.x
#20239 Implement API for Dexterity behaviors new davisagli PLIP major 5.0
#20349 UFC 198 Live Stream - Werdum vs Miocic HD Free new Bug major 4.x
#2963 Search keywords raise errors confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#5951 Uploaded images / files lost on validation error confirmed alecm Bug minor 4.x
#6715 HTML Filter UI should change if disable_transform is set to 1 in ZMi assigned dkozar Bug minor 4.x
#8338 creation of new content with space at the end of shortname raises exception confirmed nouri Bug minor 4.x
#8691 Non-latin scripts should have a larger font base size reopened Feature Request minor Future
#9233 @@maintenance-controlpanel: No support for mounted storages, but just for "main" confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#9411 Need documentation on how end users can change their passwords confirmed jluvsu2 Bug minor 4.x
#9689 @@mail-controlpanel: The ESMTP field should indicate that a value has been saved (now: empty) assigned dukebody Bug minor 4.x
#10010 The user registration fields widget at @@member-registration is ugly confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#10123 ATNewsItem should be supported by confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#10735 Can't change default mailhost options in ZMI assigned eleddy Bug minor 4.x
#10984 Content Disposition should be optional for Files assigned djay Feature Request minor 4.x
#11189 Link objects do not open in a new window assigned fulviocasali Bug minor 4.x
#11355 Static text portlet that is set to show only on a default view of a folder produces internal links that are broken. assigned cguardia Bug minor 4.x
#11510 Feature requests for confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#11978 Portlet headings should include heading tags for accessibility confirmed rmattb Bug minor 5.0
#11983 Link styling for better accessibility reopened Bug minor 5.0
#12031 RelationDictDataManager lacks "query"-method (and mediates RelationValues to widgets) confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#12065 Form field error message should be in field's label assigned keul Bug minor 4.x
#12264 moderate comments gives AttributeError: author_name reopened Bug minor 4.x
#12489 AttributeError: _setPortalTypeName upgrading 2.5.5 -> 4.2b1 confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#12528 'Site Administrator' users are presented with the UI for removing group members from Manager groups confirmed davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#12575 Making Plone more semantic and accessible confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#12733 Invalid RE applied to email addresses during password reset. confirmed admins@… Bug minor 4.x
#12821 An exception occurs when pressing Cancel button in @@user-information reopened Bug minor 4.x
#12915 and syndication confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#12969 Untranslatable controlpanel titles confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#12985 Sharing permission lost on copy and paste confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13028 portal_quickinstaller error when installing add-on on Plone 4.2 confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13050 Upgrade Plone-4.1.5 => 4.2: Import of Plone instance failed confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13058 Plone does not handle properly some common quoting character in titles confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13068 Update Base field broken on synPropertiesForm confirmed davisagli Bug minor 4.x
#13072 replace livesearch_reply with view class confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#13078 Add support for HTML 5 microdata confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#13085 ValueError: unknown locale: UTF-8 not found error after brand new install of Plone 4.2 with OS X Lion installer confirmed ericof Bug minor 4.x
#13092 When filestorage in separate partition: packing database causes error "Invalid cross-device link" confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13102 Specifying existing directory as "--target" for installer causes crazy things to happen confirmed smcmahon Bug minor 4.x
#13105 Trying to edit a collection with tags that have umlauts or special characters fails confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13106 CMFPlone delete_confirmation portal message after deletion not shown confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13125 Plone 4.1.3 to 4.2 upgrade: Folder with collection tab disappeared from navigation after saving portal_types/Topic/manage_propertiesForm confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13127 Plone 4.1.3 to 4.2 upgrade: Comments not working. confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13137 form_tabbing.js is not defensive against multiple initializations confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13138 Site default page folder will disable from navigation if "Next previous navigation" is enabled. confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13140 UI Revamp confirmed vangheem Feature Request minor 4.x
#13145 Problem when paginating items of collections reopened Bug minor 4.x
#13152 Improve Content Rules UI confirmed vangheem Feature Request minor 4.x
#13158 JavaScript issue for List widget in overlay (portal_registry) confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13160 Enabling a behavior TTW does not work correctly confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13161 plone.resource gives a UnicodeDecodeError confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13185 TypeError when trying to edit custom pages with TinyMCE Editor confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13191 When we unlock a file content, we download it confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13192 resource editor editing strongly cached resources without changing the URL confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13195 assumes existance of concatenatedresources confirmed Bug minor 4.x
#13213 diazo should have looping to make mockup html more useful confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#13232 option to save tinymce styles into diazo theme confirmed Feature Request minor 4.x
#13234 History broken at confirmed plone-website@… Bug minor 4.x
#13241 cache error with Diazo when object is a kssview confirmed ldr Bug minor 4.x
#13244 jquery.tinymce.js order in portal_javascripts confirmed robgietema Bug minor 4.x
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