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Migration error Error type: exceptions.OverflowError

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Migrating a 2.05 Plone Site I get this error:

Bürgerportal # Dry run selected. # Starting the migration from version: 2.0.5 # Attempting to upgrade from: 2.0.5 # Upgrade aborted # Error type: exceptions.OverflowError # Error value: 4222844580 is not within the range of dates allowedby a DateRangeIndex # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/MigrationTool.py", line 265, in upgrade newv, msgs = self._upgrade(newv) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/MigrationTool.py", line 362, in _upgrade res = function(self.aq_parent) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/migrations/v2_1/alphas.py", line 63, in two05_alpha1 installATContentTypes(portal, out) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/migrations/v2_1/alphas.py", line 264, in installATContentTypes installOrReinstallProduct(portal, product_name, out) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/migrations/migration_util.py", line 86, in installOrReinstallProduct qi.installProduct(product_name) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFQuickInstallerTool/QuickInstallerTool.py", line 308, in installProduct res=install(portal, reinstall=reinstall) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/Products/ExternalMethod/ExternalMethod.py", line 225, in call try: return f(*args, kw) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/ATContentTypes/Extensions/Install.py", line 72, in install tool.recatalogCMFTypes() # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/ATContentTypes/tool/migration.py", line 124, in recatalogCMFTypes cres, celapse, cc_elapse = self._catalogCMFtypes() # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/ATContentTypes/tool/migration.py", line 489, in _catalogCMFtypes return self._catalogTypesByMetatype(mt) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/ATContentTypes/tool/migration.py", line 474, in _catalogTypesByMetatype apply_path=basepath) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/OFS/FindSupport.py", line 248, in ZopeFindAndApply apply_func, apply_path) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/OFS/FindSupport.py", line 236, in ZopeFindAndApply apply_func(ob, (apply_path+'/'+p)) # File "/home/juh/zope280/Products/CMFPlone/CatalogTool.py", line 427, in catalog_object update_metadata, pghandler=pghandler) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/ZCatalog.py", line 561, in catalog_object update_metadata=update_metadata) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/Catalog.py", line 361, in catalogObject blah = x.index_object(index, object, threshold) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/DateRangeIndex.py", line 171, in index_object until = self._convertDateTime( until ) # File "/home/juh/Zope-2.8.0-final/lib/python/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/DateRangeIndex.py", line 413, in _convertDateTime raise OverflowError( '%s is not within the range of dates allowed' # End of upgrade path, migration has finished # The upgrade path did NOT reach current version # Migration has failed

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by alecm

I know limi has seen this issue before and worked around it. Tiran, you know anything about this (CatalogOptimizer related)?

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by shh

This means you have objects with some date > year 2500. No idea why/how this happens, but we have seen this already. We will need to monkey patch the idiotic date(range)indexes to truncate overflowing dates...

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by shh

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Fixed by monkey-patching Date(Range)Indexes in r7887.

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