11:05 Ticket #1528 (Enhanced Calendar) created by rsb
It would be great to have a full page calendar, month view. My use would …
07:36 Ticket #1154 (SearchableText should use ZCTextIndex) closed by hazmat
fixed: migration path is as follows, for new installs, zctextindex is used for …
00:01 Ticket #1527 (my preferences -> Switching off form help does not work) created by jensens
it is not possible to switch off form-help (does not save state No)


14:38 Ticket #1458 (An How to install for Red Hat/Linux) closed by jensens
fixed: Added a note to chapter 2 of plone book that there may problems with RPM …
14:30 Ticket #561 (Discussion reply from anonymous user) closed by limi
fixed: This seems to be fixed now?
14:29 Ticket #550 (Changing your password doesn't make sense) closed by limi
fixed: AFAIK, this is fixed.
14:24 Ticket #508 (navtree is truncating Titles of objects in wrong way) closed by limi
fixed: Closing this, the new navtree will not have these problems.
14:22 Ticket #490 (Zope Traceback when viewing "Publishing" of Plone Collector Issue while ...) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed in 1.1. plone.org will be updated when we hit the beta phase :)
14:19 Ticket #265 (Local Roles Assignment Doesn't Work) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed, as you have a Users/Groups control panel in 1.1.
14:18 Ticket #439 (New User Role for viewing private folders) closed by limi
invalid: This is a very specific request, and will only be confusing in the default …
14:05 Ticket #904 (Debian package has wrong dependencies) closed by jensens
fixed: in recent version (testing and unstable) this problem is solved.
14:01 Ticket #426 (intital view from folder_contents) closed by limi
fixed: This problem will be fixed in 1.1 with the new view/contents templates.
14:00 Ticket #408 (reinstitute Install.py) closed by limi
invalid: This is just Alan being soft-hearted ;)
13:56 Ticket #952 (Color coding of search results) closed by elvix
fixed: Feature added. Closing
13:53 Ticket #1526 (Pay attention to member.listed property in Member Folder) closed by limi
invalid: member.listed has no influence on the member folders, and this is the way …
13:39 Ticket #1526 (Pay attention to member.listed property in Member Folder) created by tiran
The /Members folder lists a user even if the user shouldn't be listed. …
12:12 Ticket #1416 (IE syntax error) closed by eaon
fixed: seems like it's a zope problem.
12:08 Ticket #1438 (Javascript error in "join form" using IE6) closed by eaon
fixed: can't reproduce this.
12:05 Ticket #1296 (news_slot.pt use catalog's metadata "id" , err) closed by jensens
fixed: patched commited to cvs
12:00 Ticket #1228 (default_error_message-page uses main_template) closed by eaon
fixed: you'd have to change the default_error_message when you change the …
11:45 Ticket #1281 (update doc about updating a site) closed by jensens
fixed: changed text and commited to cvs
11:40 Ticket #1496 (Plone Book Page Headers) closed by jensens
fixed: in the current version of plone book the bug does not appear anymore
11:34 Ticket #1264 (Logos reload wrong on skin change) closed by eaon
invalid: see  http://plone.org/collector/872
11:32 Ticket #1498 (Plone Book: Better way to reorder tabs) closed by jensens
fixed: changed in plone book and commited to cvs
11:31 Ticket #1446 (Layout woes if font size is large) closed by eaon
fixed: all fixed in cvs.
11:29 Ticket #406 (NavigationTool / portal_forms confusion when publishing CMF site obejct) closed by runyaga
fixed: this seems to be fixed. can not reproduce this. I have a feeling it had …
11:27 Ticket #1348 (Plone Book Fixes) closed by jensens
fixed: fixed and checked in to plone-doc cvs
11:18 Ticket #1505 (howtorunplonewithapache doc bug) closed by jensens
fixed: added your text to the howto-wiki
11:18 Ticket #1398 (JS Hack to do indentation for Structured Text document_edit...) closed by limi
fixed: Thanks for the patch. In Plone 1.1 you will either use Epoz or …
11:18 Ticket #1282 (Editing File object text content changes filetype to ...) closed by runyaga
fixed: seems to be fixed in 1.1 (and CMF1.4.x). Now File Contents only shows up …
11:13 Ticket #909 (Private Plone site for authenticated users) closed by nateaune
fixed: Unable to reproduce this error on Plone 1.0.4 installer.
10:59 Ticket #1043 (folder_listings broke) closed by habegger
fixed: This was changed in head of CVS.
10:57 Ticket #1343 (generated ids are not unique enough) closed by runyaga
fixed: fixed in CVS. also added a suffix. by default its '.html' this is so …
10:56 Ticket #390 (i18n - form validation) closed by limi
fixed: Solved with the new FormController, leaving to Jodok (the i18n …
10:29 Ticket #1465 (plone links are limited to 120 characters) closed by limi
invalid: Works for me:  http://plone.org/Members/limi/tests/longlinks Sounds like …
10:18 Ticket #1261 (Remove CMFDefault skins from skinpath) closed by runyaga
fixed: we have added a cmf_legacy skins which has the scripts from CMFDefault. …
10:17 Ticket #1091 (Titles above print and mail icon don't shown as translated) closed by habegger
fixed: fixed in HEAD of CVS (tested using PlacelessTranslationService and the …
10:17 Ticket #877 (errors when you are not using CMF acl_users) closed by runyaga
fixed: seems to be fixed in 1.1
10:13 Ticket #919 (effective/expiration dates don't work with Event content type) closed by runyaga
fixed: fixed in head
10:08 Ticket #1034 (set Use External Editor permission) closed by runyaga
fixed: fin
10:03 Ticket #1491 (Location needs to be added to the metadata in Catalog) closed by dreamcatcher
fixed: Added to the 1.1 migration.
10:03 Ticket #307 (Global skin permission in Plone Setup screen) closed by runyaga
fixed: fixed in 1.1 CVS
10:01 Ticket #1471 (Folder contents tab label not translated in Plone 1.0.4) closed by db
fixed: fixed in CVS HEAD of plone 2. the problem was that the messageid 'Folder …
09:58 Ticket #396 (IE on macintosh doesn't support spaces in skin name) closed by limi
fixed: Won't fix this, it's a bug in IE only on Mac. Either contact Microsoft …
09:52 Ticket #871 (Fix migration RC2 -> Final) closed by runyaga
fixed: i think this is fixed. because 1.1 does not include this.
09:50 Ticket #829 (Plone WorkflowTool) closed by runyaga
fixed: in CVS 1.1
05:57 Ticket #1511 (Login Failure) closed by habegger
fixed: Fixed in CVS. Upon successful login, response is …
05:09 Ticket #1344 (wrong error message in 'join_form') closed by habegger
fixed: Fixed in CVS.
00:13 Ticket #1525 (user manager forgets *all* roles ) created by tiran
After changing/deleting an user in the plone control panel all user roles …
00:10 Ticket #1524 (more missing scripts) created by tiran
at least the script for deleting a topic criterion is missing, too (see …


20:03 Ticket #1523 (event editing doesn't work, fromPortalTime.py not available) created by tiran
Bug: CMFPlone/skins/plone_scripts/form_scripts/event_edit.py uses …
11:30 Ticket #1520 (topic_addCriterion) closed by limi
fixed: Scripts added to the cmf_legacy dir. Thanks for the report.
07:00 Ticket #1064 (CMFCollector Issue and Navigation Tree Box) closed by swampmonkey
fixed: could not reproduce
06:52 Ticket #1063 (impossible to "switch to contents view" after login as admin because of ...) closed by swampmonkey
fixed: unable to reproduce in HEAD
02:40 Ticket #1522 (Cache headers in main_template) created by andym
Cache headers set in main_template are just wrong. If you want to use HTTP …


23:55 Ticket #1521 (Shouldn't load state for 000000000003570d when the connection is closed ) created by tiran
Module TAL.TALInterpreter, line 367, in attrAction_tal Module …
18:05 Ticket #1520 (topic_addCriterion) created by Anonymous User
Bug: The script topic_addCriterion.py is not in the skin search path. It's …
16:37 Ticket #1412 (sendto icon appears when site_props.allow_sendto is false) closed by habegger
fixed: Fixed in HEAD of CVS.
14:28 Ticket #1462 (Set preferences after setting new password fails) closed by habegger
fixed: Cannot be reproduced with CVS HEAD of Plone. After changing her password, …
14:19 Ticket #1457 (folder_localrole_form has errors) closed by habegger
fixed: Fixed in HEAD of Plone CVS.
13:53 Ticket #1021 (Problem installing CMFVisualEditor) closed by habegger
fixed: Could not reproduce this with CVS HEAD of Plone and CMFVisualEditor 0.2.
12:31 Ticket #1050 (Tree Navigator) closed by swampmonkey
fixed: fixed
12:16 Ticket #1025 (Forum: author still missing in topic home) closed by habegger
fixed: Fixed in CVS of CMFForum.
10:51 Ticket #977 (Fatal KeyError after adding condition to action) closed by habegger
fixed: Cannot be reproduced in CVS HEAD of Plone. Members tab is only available …
08:38 Ticket #1048 (problem adding new plone site and viewing it) closed by swampmonkey
fixed: Could not reproduce
05:31 Ticket #903 (personalize_form and navigationBox ) closed by habegger
fixed: This is fixed in HEAD of CVS.
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