22:16 Ticket #6310 (Security-modifiers should be marked with the postonly decorator) created by mj
== POST-only protection == With the advent of Zope versions 2.8.9, 2.9.7 …
17:37 Ticket #6309 (NuPlone css fix for kupu area) created by ldr
15:34 Ticket #2308 (safe searches as smart folders) closed by limi
invalid: On second look, this issue is about adding better date selector to …
14:06 Ticket #6308 (PloneMetrics: A way to count the number of Plone installs) created by limi
At the Plone Conference 2006, we got a lot of feedback that people wanted …
13:32 WikiStart edited by limi
13:32 WikiStart edited by limi
Added translations issue tracker (diff)
13:32 WikiStart edited by limi
13:30 Ticket #6023 (Search label - more accessible) closed by limi
duplicate: Moved here:  http://plone.org/products/plonetranslations/issues/18
13:15 Ticket #6199 (Site Search and Livesearch does not work) closed by limi
worksforme: Cannot reproduce, closing.
13:06 Ticket #6307 (search portlet needs livesearch) created by wichert
The current search portlet has an option to enable livesearch for it. …
12:59 Ticket #6243 (live search and keyboard navigation generates broken links) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed in r12130.
12:57 Ticket #6306 (Let History table include both version and workflow history) created by limi
We have moved the WF history to the History tab with the introduction of …
11:46 Ticket #6305 (Make link to presentation mode show up on view) created by limi
Currently, when you enable presentation mode, it shows up as a …
11:21 Ticket #6304 (Fix Presentation Mode styling, make sure it uses presentation.css) created by limi
The new S5 presentation mode needs some visual fixes, mental note to self. …
11:18 Ticket #6303 (Fix up Table of Contents styling) created by limi
Mental note to self. Also: - It produces invalid HTML at the moment, …
11:11 Ticket #6302 (Workflow history and Versioning history should be in same table) created by limi
10:53 Ticket #6301 (Add notice in Sharing page if it's a default page) created by limi
If you are adjusting the sharing privileges for the default page in a …
10:51 Ticket #6300 (Users seem to be listed twice in the control panel) created by limi
To reproduce: 1. Add a user "testuser" with the full name "Test user" …
10:46 Ticket #6299 (Get formlib to support our checkbox UI) created by limi
To see the problem, go to the Site control panel in a Plone 3 site …
10:40 Ticket #6298 (Show "Add" instead of "Edit" on initial add form) created by limi
Make sure the edit form shows "Add XYZ" instead of "Edit XYZ" on initial …
10:36 Ticket #6297 (Folder Contents need to get the Action/Add/WF menu back) created by limi
Martin implemented the removal of the Action/Add/WF menus from anything …
10:28 Ticket #6296 (Combine delete confirmation / integrity checking) created by limi
Not 100% this is still the case, but adding it here and sending/assigning …
10:21 Ticket #6294 (Make sure Content Rules is disabled by default) closed by optilude
fixed: It's done. There is a global off switch in the content rules control …
10:12 Ticket #6295 (Move Collections control panel to ZMI) created by limi
Move the Collections (Smart Folder) control panelto a ZMI version, since …
10:08 Ticket #6294 (Make sure Content Rules is disabled by default) created by limi
Content Rules is advanced functionality with a lot of scary knobs ;) Make …
10:07 Ticket #6293 (Remove personal prefs from the global prefs section) created by limi
Currently, personal prefs are listed in the global Site Setup list. This …
10:03 Ticket #6292 (The full types list is used in a lot of locations, shouldn't be) created by limi
Both the Navigation and Search control panel does not show the "Friendly …
09:54 Ticket #6291 (Include instructions on how to enable wiki support on welcome page) created by limi
Mental note to self, part of the general welcome page overhaul. :)
09:51 Ticket #6290 (Only HTML available by default) created by limi
Only HTML should be available as format by default, everything else …
09:47 Ticket #6289 (Members folder gets created even if it's turned off by default) created by limi
In 3.0, member folders are disabled by default. So why do we get a Members …
09:45 Ticket #6288 (Make sure default WF is sensible, tested and sanity checked before RC) created by limi
Issues to focus on: - Default WF in new sites should be simple …
09:35 Ticket #6287 (If more than 6 fieldsets, turn selector into pulldown) created by limi
The current inline tabs (fieldsets) on the edit screen needs to be able to …
09:29 Ticket #6286 (Make sure fieldsets/schemata without inline tabbing still works, and ...) created by limi
The old behaviour of the schemata was that it had a submit for each …
09:21 Ticket #6285 (Wicked should support both formats by default) created by limi
Support both […] syntax by default, so we can remove this preference …
09:17 Ticket #6284 (Wicked needs to use portal_factory) created by limi
Wicked needs to use createObject?type_name=Document — the way it is set up …
09:11 Ticket #6283 (Do not allow bigger images than Preview by default from Kupu) created by limi
Make sure you can't insert images that are bigger than Preview size in …
09:08 Ticket #6282 (Remove HTML filtering components in Kupu control panel) created by limi
With the introduction of the HTML Filtering configlet in 3.0, Kupu needs …
09:02 Ticket #6281 (Map all existing skin elements to their NuPlone equivalents) created by limi
This just means that all classes that exist in the default Plone theme …
09:00 Ticket #6280 (Test and verify that NuPlone works in IE6 and IE7) created by limi
This is a prerequisite for shipping NuPlone as the default skin for Plone, …
08:54 Ticket #6175 (Make portlets more debuggable by logging errors) closed by limi
duplicate: Duplicate of #6157
08:52 Ticket #6158 (Add Google Analytics Support to core Plone) closed by limi
fixed: This issue can be closed, then.
08:51 Ticket #6191 (double click in title edit does not work) closed by limi
fixed: This has been fixed.
08:51 Ticket #6186 (action dropdowns are below fieldset tabs) closed by limi
fixed: This has been fixed, AFAICT.
08:41 Ticket #6135 (Folder content / Smart folder metaticket) closed by limi
invalid: Closing metaticket.
06:59 Ticket #6279 (Reduce size of KSS) created by limi
Currently (r13878 — right before Plone 3 beta1 release), the Plone front …


13:25 Ticket #6270 (ZMI Find causes parse error) closed by hannosch
duplicate: This is a duplicate or another manifestation of #6115.
13:22 Ticket #5342 (SecureMailHost should have a property to disable SSL (patch included)) closed by hannosch
fixed: Thx for the patch, I applied it. The only change I made was to use a …
12:57 Ticket #5585 (PloneTools.sendto uses site encoding for mail messages) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13848]) Changed all mail related templates and methods to use the …
11:12 Ticket #6007 (PloneLanguageTool v1.3: runtime-added languages don't work properly) closed by hannosch
wontfix: See comment on #6006. These methods never worked.
11:11 Ticket #6006 (PloneLanguageTool v1.3: runtime-added languages using addLanguage() do not ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Thx for the report, but the whole local language and country functionality …
11:00 Ticket #6075 (Publishing a folder loads all its contents) closed by alecm
wontfix: I fear this may be unavoidable. When we change the workflow of a folder, …
10:45 Ticket #6036 (CMFFormController traversal bug) closed by mj
invalid: Without actually having tried, I think your example can't work, because …
10:45 Ticket #6082 (Pressing ENTER on item in LiveSearch result returns wrong URL) closed by limi
fixed: Yup, verified to work.
10:44 Ticket #6106 (LiveSearch doesn't go to the correct URL when virtualhosted) closed by limi
fixed: It's fixed, r12130, tested on plone.net, works.
10:31 Ticket #6093 (naming map content object with "Plone") closed by limi
worksforme: I just tested this, and the object is automatically renamed.
10:29 Ticket #6041 (Double delete confirmation) closed by limi
10:27 Ticket #6014 (Superfluous global_defines in header.pt?) closed by limi
fixed: header.pt is dead, long live viewlets! ;)
10:14 Ticket #5381 (contact-info form formats email in an almost unreadable way) closed by limi
duplicate: Duplicate, better summary here: #6117
10:10 Ticket #5905 (Base Plone 2.5.1 install responds to computeRoleMap even from anonymous ...) closed by mj
fixed: Fixed in r39717 and …
10:05 Ticket #5290 (MimetypesRegistry ntpath problem: add Plone Site failed on Plone 2.1.2 ...) closed by limi
fixed: Lack of feedback, I assume this is fixed.
10:04 Ticket #5293 (Plone does not take account of the 'rest-header-level' directive) closed by limi
invalid: This is correct behaviour, since reST documents in Plone have a Title …
09:43 Ticket #5325 (clear: both; in .image-left and right in public.css produces weird layout) closed by limi
worksforme: Lack of feedback, closing.
09:42 Ticket #5337 (Internet Explorer does not display the events properly) closed by limi
fixed: Sounds like Peekaboo, and since this bug is a year old, I'll close it …
09:35 Ticket #4917 (Fields without view permission leave an empty space in Firefox and Opera, ...) closed by limi
09:35 Ticket #4962 (Mailto Link Extends Beyond Table Cell) closed by limi
09:31 Ticket #5172 (IE Peekaboo bug on the edit-form for smart-folders) closed by limi
09:29 Ticket #5177 (User icon in personaltools is at wong position in RTL languages) closed by limi
fixed: Just tested in Firefox 2, all these bugs seem to have been fixed.
09:24 Ticket #5221 (file_view links to /download) closed by limi
fixed: This seems to be fixed as part of the content-disposition:inline fixes.
09:20 Ticket #4904 (Migration 2.0.5 > 2.1.1: workflow state of folders reset from published to ...) closed by limi
worksforme: Doesn't seem to be common, closing.
09:06 Ticket #1164 (setAuthCookie and virtual hosts) closed by limi
wontfix: I assume this no longer applies to 2.5/3.0. Feel free to reopen if it …
09:04 Ticket #6101 (Plone's search sucks) closed by limi
invalid: Lack of feedback, closing.
08:58 Ticket #6247 (Anonymous can access folder_localrole_form (aka Sharing)) closed by limi
duplicate: Duplicate of #6057.
07:55 Ticket #6278 (Add span dir="rtl"/"ltr" class to Kupu) created by limi
Would be nice if this could be conditional based on language, but if not, …
07:51 Ticket #5772 (Kupu linkable types) closed by limi
fixed: I believe the LinkableTypes support has been made more sane in Kupu 1.4, …
07:48 Ticket #5699 (Inserting a few empty paragraphs and then hitting Backspace cause the ...) closed by limi
fixed: This has been fixed in Kupu 1.4. You might be able to get the No Style …
07:43 Ticket #5340 (Autosave feature) closed by limi
invalid: I'll close this issue, it is a feature that needs a PLIP, and is being …
07:34 Ticket #5712 (Kupu Ordered List Format Bug) closed by limi
fixed: I'm pretty sure this was a CSS issue I fixed a while back — everything …
07:19 Ticket #5693 (Browser sniffing server side prevents Opera from getting kupu) closed by limi
fixed: Opera seems to work with current Kupu 1.4, at least on Plone 3.0.
06:46 Ticket #5968 (control panel templates in tableless skin) closed by limi
wontfix: We don't support the tableless version anymore, so spending time on this …
06:40 Ticket #5967 (hide_columns.py in plone_deprecated is confusing) closed by limi
wontfix: Since we're not supporting the tableless skin in 3.0, I believe we close …
06:38 Ticket #5960 (using port-base with access rule makes ZMI unreachable) closed by limi
fixed: Yeah, you need to remove the access rule if you're using port-base, I …
06:32 Ticket #5959 (Stylesheet is not accessible anymore with VHM setup.) closed by limi
worksforme: Lack of feedback, closing.
06:18 Ticket #5909 (Portal Tabs Jump in Internet Explorer 7) closed by limi
worksforme: No feedback, closing.
06:14 Ticket #4049 (viewThreadsAtBottom.pt has broken check for view template) closed by limi
wontfix: viewThreadsAtBottom is no longer used in Plone 3.0, so I'm not sure it's …
04:52 Ticket #5426 (personalize_form initially pulls description from portal) closed by limi
fixed: It's fixed in 2.5.x and up, and 2.1 is not going to see any new releases …
04:20 Ticket #6248 (Migration problem from 2.0.5 to 2.5.2 ;) closed by limi
duplicate: Duplicate of #6246
04:09 Ticket #5266 (Working WebDAV!) closed by limi
invalid: This is a meta-issue at this point, closing. Should really be part of a …
04:00 Ticket #3637 ('default_error_message' breaks for private content) closed by limi
wontfix: I don't consider this as something we should spend time on. Reopen if you …
03:48 Ticket #5503 (regexp to validate email addresses needs improvement) closed by limi
wontfix: If you need localhost email addresses, you should make a local …
03:46 Ticket #6078 (CacheFu location change in bundles) closed by limi
03:27 Ticket #6222 (html broken in CMFPlone/www/membershipRolemapping.dtml in 2.5.2 (windows ...) closed by limi
fixed: (In [13833]) Fix paste error, this closes #6222
03:24 Ticket #6242 (invalid <label for=... in reconfig_form) closed by limi
fixed: (In [13832]) Fixing label tag for Many Users form. This closes #6242.
03:08 Ticket #6277 (Security: Remove potential information disclosure in the error form) created by limi
Currently, the error form give people details they don't need, and it is …
02:55 Ticket #6276 (folder_factories.pt should use dropdown, not multiple buttons) created by limi
folder_factories.pt currently uses a lot of add buttons. It should be …
02:50 Ticket #6229 (make id="relatedItems" into a class) closed by limi
fixed: (In [13831]) Changed the related items ID to be a class instead. This …
02:45 Ticket #5184 (generated code could still be better) closed by limi
wontfix: Not an issue, Firebug has also been updated to ignore these. If you want …
02:42 Ticket #6221 (Kupu icons will not be shown if the site lies in directory /plone) closed by limi
worksforme: Seems to work fine in Plone 3.0 and Kupu 1.4.
02:36 Ticket #4993 (Font colors of buttons do not follow global font color changes) closed by limi
fixed: (In [13830]) Adding button color to buttons, this fixes #4993.
02:32 Ticket #5912 (typing error in French term) closed by limi
duplicate: Moved here:  http://plone.org/products/plonetranslations/issues/17
02:18 Ticket #5548 (Redirected to wrong page ("pwreset_finish") when logging in immediately ...) closed by limi
invalid: No feedback, closing.
01:52 Ticket #5348 (Add Remove format button to Kupu) closed by limi
fixed: Kupu 1.4 has this option.
01:49 Ticket #6252 ('compare' in table_sorter.js should be renamed to prevent conflicts with ...) closed by limi
fixed: (In [13829]) Renaming "compare" function to "tablecompare" to avoid …
01:36 Ticket #6275 (Re-enable autofocus for form fields) created by limi
We disabled autofocus for form elements in 2.1, since it triggered after …
01:17 Ticket #5707 (Kupu doesn't make Folders & Smart Folders linkable by default) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed in Kupu 1.4, I believe. Re-open if this is not the case.
00:46 Ticket #6016 (insert IE7 section into header.pt) closed by limi
00:45 Ticket #5236 (Clicking "login" should not result in page saying "To access this part of ...) closed by limi
fixed: It was unnecessary happytalk anyway, so I simply removed it. :)
00:35 Ticket #5694 (Opera brakes the portal colophon standards images) closed by limi
fixed: This was fixed a while back.
00:33 Ticket #5534 (standard_error_message might recurse) closed by limi
fixed: I'm pretty sure this is no longer the case, since we don't render error …
00:31 Ticket #6233 (Workaround for bug 5859 "not allowed to access requestReset in this ...) closed by limi
invalid: Issue #5859 was fixed in Plone 2.5.2.
00:27 Ticket #4112 (Change ownership link) closed by limi
invalid: No idea what this is, and it's two years old. Reopen if you can describe …


23:56 Ticket #6274 (Add "logged-in" pseudogroup to Sharing page) created by limi
Currently, you can't find the "Logged in" pseudogroup that Wichert created …
23:41 Ticket #6273 (KSSification of sharing page has visual problems) created by optilude
When KSS is enabled, the KSS-ized sharing page (the /@@sharing view) has …
23:30 Ticket #6259 (ID used on Add Content drop down fails validation) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13818]) Normalized typeIds on the factories menu, as these are used …
23:10 Ticket #4648 (content_status_history.cpt wrong) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13816]) Removed references to specific workflow states from the …
23:06 Ticket #6267 (Epoz enforces wysiwyg) closed by limi
23:06 Ticket #6267 (Epoz enforces wysiwyg) reopened by limi
23:06 Ticket #6267 (Epoz enforces wysiwyg) closed by limi
fixed: Epoz is not an editor we support (and neither is ZWIki). I suggest you …
23:01 Ticket #6194 (Cannot reinstall TextIndexNG3 after upgrade to Plone 2.5.2) closed by limi
invalid: I believe this is a TextIndexNG bug, could you try reporting it to the …
22:56 Ticket #6188 (check msgids for RSS portlet) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13810]) Small template cleanups. Checked i18n markup on RSS portlet. …
22:44 Ticket #6116 (Kupu formunload script triggers on saving a normal edit page) closed by limi
fixed: This is fixed in the current SVN version of Plone 3 (a few days before the …
14:51 Ticket #6174 (Make portlets uninstallable) closed by hannosch
fixed: CMFQuickInstaller records all utility installations now and uninstalls …
03:03 Ticket #5242 ("Portal Membership Information" email subject should be "Portal Membership ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: This has been fixed and will be included in the next PasswordResetTool …
02:57 Ticket #4946 (Users get an error when adding an portal factory enabled item and clicking ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: We only show the tabs on the view screen and not the edit screen, so this …
02:41 Ticket #1395 (Remove hard-coded dependencies on specific work-flow states) closed by hannosch
fixed: In [13798]: Made the workflow state to show configurable for the news and …
01:07 Ticket #5067 (Updating workflows no longer works) closed by hannosch
fixed: We do have the new types control panel now, which allows workflow …
01:05 Ticket #5277 (Sharing page improvements) closed by hannosch
fixed: We have the new sharing page now.
01:03 Ticket #6225 ("Compare versions" (diff) not working) closed by hannosch
fixed: Alec added the missing default configuration for the difftool and we get …
00:47 Ticket #6272 (Inline tab reloading needs to update content menu) created by optilude
If/when inline tab reloading is shipped, it needs to refresh the content …


22:44 Ticket #6271 (Delete instance, output: (, ''), traceback ComponentLookupError: ...) created by jeffk
Delete (nearly a freshly created) plone instance. Output is plaintext: …
22:31 Ticket #5833 (Keep existing date in the calendar widget) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13788]) Documentation reorganization and keep existing date in the …
22:00 Ticket #5792 (Only one of the terms "member" or "user" should be used on standard pages) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [13786]) Replaced a few last occurrences of the term member with user. …
14:23 Ticket #6270 (ZMI Find causes parse error) created by deesto
Inside a 3alhpa2 Plone site in the ZMI, clicking the "Find" tag, putting …
10:28 Ticket #6269 (Compatibility of Plone-2.5.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz with SuSE 10.0 VServer) created by sisyphus
After compiling and installing the …
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