23:48 Ticket #6746 (IE7: Manage portlets doesn't work () created by geeklibrarian
Clicking on the up/down arrows or the X to delete doesn't move/remove …
23:46 Ticket #6167 (Aquire permission seems not to work correctly) closed by optilude
invalid: I'm struggling with the description too, but (a) It's soooo unlikely that …
23:33 Ticket #6731 (browser/interfaces.py: isContextDefaultPage = Attribure() instead of ...) closed by optilude
fixed: (In [15825]) Typo, fixes #6731,
23:32 Ticket #6745 (Navigation needs to indent the levels below its root in default mode) created by limi
Let's say you have a tree like this: […] The current tree shows the …
23:31 Ticket #6738 (type mismatch in CMFPlone's date_components_support.py) closed by optilude
invalid: Dupe of #6737
23:29 Ticket #6700 (Find and replace functionality) closed by optilude
invalid: This needs to be a PLIP and have some discussion on plone-dev. It's not at …
23:26 Ticket #6639 (IE7: Adding Calendar Portlet in the Dashboard Doesn't Display ...) closed by optilude
fixed: I assume this is fixed with the other IE7-related portlet fixes. If not, …
23:21 Ticket #6640 (IE7: Can't delete portlets from user dashboard) closed by optilude
fixed: Should be fixed now - re-open if not.
23:08 Ticket #6177 (Sharing page should show global roles) closed by optilude
fixed: Fixed in svn trunk now.
23:05 Ticket #6304 (Fix Presentation Mode styling, make sure it uses presentation.css) closed by limi
fixed: (In [15816]) Deprecated presentation.css since the presentation code uses …
22:05 Ticket #6555 (Password Reset via prefs_users_overview generates error) reopened by geeklibrarian
21:51 Ticket #6681 (Cannot delete migrated site) closed by hannosch
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #6507.
21:36 Ticket #6615 (presentation mode brakes content links on Plone front-page) closed by limi
fixed: (In [15806]) Insert base rendering in the presentation template. This …
21:35 Ticket #6516 (OpenID: users don't have Member role assigned to them) closed by wichert
wontfix: This is by design: OpenID users are authenticated and have the …
21:33 Ticket #6684 (Migration 2.5 -> 3.0 does not add mimetype and transforms for ...) closed by wichert
wontfix: I fail to see how this is a (CMF)Plone bug. A third party product …
21:28 Ticket #6542 (Double tabs "group members" in prefs_group_members) closed by wichert
fixed: (In [15803]) Correct msgis for group portlets tab. fixes #6542
21:23 Ticket #6740 (Images/Files should have no workflow by default) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed in r15797.
21:19 Ticket #6555 (Password Reset via prefs_users_overview generates error) closed by wichert
worksforme: This is working correctly in my migration test sites.
20:24 Ticket #6288 (Make sure default WF is sensible, tested and sanity checked before RC) closed by limi
fixed: This has passing tests and has had multiple reviews. It's a meta-issue …
20:23 Ticket #6501 (Community WF = Plone WF for all intents and purposes, examine and remove) closed by limi
fixed: Fixed by wiggy.
20:15 Ticket #6498 (Workflows are missing a description property) closed by limi
fixed: (In [15791]) Workflow states now have a description. This closes #6498.
19:50 Ticket #6732 (Title of "plone_workflow" still says "Default Workflow") closed by limi
fixed: This was fixed a while back.
19:05 Ticket #4887 (editing defaults to kupu, even when javascript turned off) reopened by duncan
Reverted the fix since it breaks inline editing. I suspect it is a bug in …
14:32 Ticket #6292 (The full types list is used in a lot of locations, shouldn't be) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [15759]) Do not show really user unfriendly types anymore in the …
14:02 Ticket #6319 (Update Collection view(s)) closed by wichert
11:42 Ticket #6744 (The "add item" problem) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [15755]) Do not show the add item menu anymore on normal content, but …
11:41 Ticket #6744 (The "add item" problem) created by limi
There's a major conceptual problem in Plone where we use a conceptual …
11:28 Ticket #6532 (The new JS-enabled folder_constraintypes_form has it backwards) closed by limi
fixed: (In [15750]) Kill happytalk, make the help text and labels reflect how the …
11:04 Ticket #6371 (Document the IMultiPageSchema marker interface) closed by nouri
fixed:  http://plone.org/documentation/manual/upgrade-guide/version/2.5-3.0/product
09:16 Ticket #6743 (content rules deprecation warnings) created by wichert
With Zope 2.10.4 content rules started producing a lot of deprecation …
09:04 Ticket #6631 (Migration 2.1 to 3.0 produces JavaScript error on add document) closed by wichert
fixed: This was a Plone migration problem and has since been fixed.
08:52 Ticket #6378 (render problem of discussable in discussion_reply_form) closed by wichert
fixed: This has been fixed.
08:49 Ticket #6735 (ContentRules and SecureMailHost) closed by wichert
fixed: I've fixed this in SecureMailHost.
08:32 Ticket #6543 (Ghost tab appears after migration) closed by wichert
worksforme: I do not get this on sites migrated from 2.1 or 2.5.
08:32 Ticket #6507 (After Migration: uid_catalog is broken) closed by wichert
fixed: Since nobody can reproduce this and the bug submitter has not provided …
08:19 Ticket #6734 (Cannot filter Addable Types with folderish FTI in portal_types) closed by wichert
wontfix: This is not fixable. Here is why: Object construction happens in two …
08:10 Ticket #5970 (Creating a folder containing a page called 'Layout' crashes plone when ...) closed by wichert
fixed: (In [15738]) Blacklist the 'layout' id to prevent conflicts with the …


17:11 Ticket #4627 (RTL: Firefox extra margin and logo) closed by wichert
fixed: Closing this one due to lack of response from the submitter.
16:41 Ticket #6742 (kupu inline editing broke) created by wichert
This changeset: […] breaks inline editing of kupu fields in Plone 3.


13:10 Ticket #6741 (Unified installer Extensions directories (2.5.3)) created by jfburkhart
I've used the unified installers and noticed that the client1 and client2 …
09:04 Ticket #6608 (Link integrity: rename of linked document raises exception: list index out ...) closed by optilude
worksforme: If we can't reproduce and we have a valid test, then close as worksforme. …
01:48 Ticket #6607 (Link integrity: "yes" to "delete anyway?" raises exception: TypeError: not ...) closed by witsch
fixed: fixed in r15703 -- and a pretty stupid thing to miss it was... :)
01:26 Ticket #6740 (Images/Files should have no workflow by default) created by limi
I thought this ticket was already recorded, but can't find it. ;) With …
00:02 Ticket #6739 (Don't show "edit without visual editor" link if HTML is the only valid ...) created by limi
In Plone 3, HTML is the only valid markup format by default. The "edit …


23:18 Ticket #6537 (Link integrity breach page lists affected items twice) closed by witsch
fixed: r15701 fixes the problem by letting python handle the conditional …
18:53 Ticket #6738 (type mismatch in CMFPlone's date_components_support.py) created by mike
if one of the parameters starting_year, ending_year, future_years (they …
18:49 Ticket #6737 (type mismatch in CMFPlone's date_components_support.py) created by mike
if one of the parameters starting_year, ending_year, future_years (they …
17:08 Ticket #6333 (Event dates not displaying Properly in Internet Explorer 6 Plone 2.5.2-1) closed by spliter
fixed: (In [15698]) event dates are displayed properly in IE6 now. Fixes #6333
16:35 Ticket #6197 (impossible to select text in IE6 in some conditions) closed by spliter
wontfix: This seems not to be the issue anymore (in time of Plone3.0 beta).
16:30 Ticket #4798 (IE6 crashes when resizing) closed by spliter
wontfix: Actually standard Plone styles do not make IE6 to be freezed. All the …
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