15:52 Ticket #7213 (/@@markup-controlpanel is not always readable by the most used Screen ...) created by frankar
The JAWS screen reader can work both in view-mode and edit-mode. When a …
12:41 Ticket #7212 (Form field description help should be in field's label) created by frankar
== Issue: == An example of this is on the Contact form, where “Please …
10:07 Ticket #7211 (formlib doesn't put labels on radiobuttons/checkboxes) created by frankar
in /@@markup-controlpanel those input fields haven't a label. It is …
09:42 Ticket #7210 (site logo cannot be a zope3 resource) created by thijs
The current main template expects the logo to be zope2 image object with …
09:22 Ticket #7208 (Simple Cart Item - Exclude From Navigation) closed by optilude
invalid: You'll need to contact the Simple Cart Item people, this is not part of …
02:05 Ticket #7209 (Custom Theme Resources And Virtual Hosting) created by siddiwiz
When using Plone Apache virtual hosting I found that resources defined in …


19:18 Ticket #7208 (Simple Cart Item - Exclude From Navigation) created by shawnny3
I am trying to use the Simple Cart Item feature for my site, but when I …
09:44 Ticket #7207 (add emmanuel_masker to collective svn) created by emmanuel_masker
09:38 Ticket #7206 (Add frederictedesco to the collective svn) created by frederictedesco


19:34 Ticket #7205 (Not possible to 'select all' in folder contents in 3.0.2) created by pander
It is not possible to 'select all' in folder contents in 3.0.2. This is …
13:33 Ticket #7204 (plone.recipe.zope2instance doesn't keep formatting?) created by dreamcatcher
When using the 'zope-conf-additional' option to …
08:27 Ticket #7203 (Default should be port 9673 not 8080) created by pander
I have just installed Plone-3.0.2 and the default configuration is for …
08:01 Ticket #7186 (Plone 3 Navigation Portlet Tree Depth Configuration) closed by optilude
invalid: Nope. ;-) Sorry, the "depth" argument says something about when the tree …


19:45 Ticket #7202 (folder_contents does not allow a 21st item (on page 2 of a list of ...) created by grahamperrin
Plone 3.0.1 When there are 21 items in a folder, it's not possible to …
19:02 Ticket #7201 (item gets webdav locked when using LinguaPlone 2.0) created by juh
Sorry if this is not the right tracker, this maybe a LinguaPlone-Bug. But …
17:20 Ticket #7200 (ComponentLookupError after Upgrading from 2.5.2 to 3.0.2) created by juh
After uprgrading viewing the site gives this error: […]
15:11 Ticket #7199 (Generic Setup Import tab generate an error) created by wid
On my site when I click on the import tab it generates the following error …
14:10 Ticket #7198 (UnicodeDecodeError with Non ascii characters in portal title on Plone ...) created by grindas
It seems like the bug in #6628 is related to 2.5.4 also. The description …
13:34 Ticket #7197 (Bars are not align to the right) created by oferw
Bars are not align to the right
13:32 Ticket #7196 (Personal bar should be align to the right) created by oferw
Personal bar should be align to the right
13:30 Ticket #7195 (Icons are missing) created by oferw
Manage portlets page All icons are missing
13:28 Ticket #7194 (Search box is not align to the left) created by oferw
Search box is not align to the left
13:26 Ticket #7193 (Path bar is broken) created by oferw
Path bar is broken
13:25 Ticket #7192 (Personal bar is broker) created by oferw
The personal bar is broken
13:23 Ticket #7191 (Logo should be on the right side) created by oferw
Logo should be on the right side and link to the portal home page The …
13:20 Ticket #7190 (Portlets are not rendering) created by oferw
Any new protlet is not shown and this is the error messege on the home …
13:18 Ticket #7189 (Icons are not shown) created by oferw
There are no icons next to the text
13:17 Ticket #7188 (NuPlone - Top menu is broken) created by oferw
Top user menu is broken into 2 lines
13:14 Ticket #7187 (Nu Plone - Calender should be on the left side) created by oferw
The calender is currently on the right and overlap on the text It should …
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