23:48 Ticket #7542 (OrderedBaseFolder strange reordering) created by glenfant
(Moved from  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/ticket/740) With Plone 3.0 …
23:36 Ticket #7541 (get accessor returns objects user has no access to) created by dannybloe
(Moved from  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/ticket/586) […]
23:19 Ticket #7540 (ValueError: Unable to find ...) created by kleist
(Moved from  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/ticket/675) Version: …
23:18 Ticket #7539 (Schema migration is borked) created by kteague
(Moved from  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/ticket/751) Changeset 8556 …
12:00 Milestone 3.0.5 completed
02:52 Ticket #7538 (TraversalError in portal_quickinstaller) created by miohtama
Plone 3.0.4/Windows 2003 Server After adding a custom product egg, ZMI …


12:47 Ticket #7537 (i18n-tags of nextprevious.pt missing in po-files) created by juh
All i18n-tags of nextprevious.pt are missing in plone.pot
05:52 Ticket #7536 (Faulty (unclear?) enforcement of format of site configuration import step ...) created by jlagarde
Plone 3.0.4 -- In trying to install a custom product with quickinstaller, …
01:08 Ticket #7372 (Working Copy (iterate) not effective for internally or externally ...) closed by optilude
invalid: This is not a bug. The action (and the view that does the work) are …
00:26 Ticket #7535 (Folderish objects don't display when using a page template as default_page ...) closed by optilude
fixed: Fixed in r18871 before this bug was even opened. How's that for service? …
00:24 Ticket #7535 (Folderish objects don't display when using a page template as default_page ...) created by sirgarr
Steps to reproduce: * Install a fresh Plone 3.0.5 site * Add a folder …
00:16 Ticket #6725 (Images don't appear in presentation mode) closed by limi
00:15 Ticket #2417 (edit view class) closed by limi
00:12 Ticket #7231 (Feature "Convert to PDF") closed by limi
wontfix: Won't happen, I'm sure there are add-on products to do this. Most OSes can …
00:10 Ticket #2598 (insuffficient priviledges when you have no view permissions on index_html) closed by limi
wontfix: Not gonna happen, sorry :)
00:09 Ticket #4171 (Favorite user interface) closed by limi
wontfix: Makes no sense as an isolated issue. We'll work on Favorites-like …
00:07 Ticket #606 (Make Plone play nicer with Dreamweaver) closed by limi


21:40 Ticket #7436 ("ImportError: No module named _imagingmath" Plone-3.0.3-UnifiedInstaller) closed by limi
wontfix: Doesn't look like this is fixable, from the feedback. Have you tried the …
21:37 Ticket #7467 (Colllection (ATTopic) searches by portal type incorrectly) closed by limi
fixed: This fix was included in ATContentTypes 1.2.4.
13:40 Ticket #7532 (Kupu 1.4.7 configuration panel error) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.1 isn't supported anymore. I have no idea what could cause this, …
13:34 Ticket #7511 (time format in localTimeFormat not working) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Closed on request :)
13:31 Ticket #7470 (i18n:name tags are not translated on Plone 3.0.4) closed by hannosch
fixed: The root cause of this problem was fixed in a new version of PTS which is …
13:23 Ticket #7500 (Right to left - Calendar is not using Hebrew values) closed by hannosch
12:55 Ticket #7534 (RTL calander does not take the Hebrew values) created by oferw
The calander is not using the Hebrew values but stays in English also …


18:53 Ticket #7533 (View of unmanageable group shows the add members form.) created by glenfant
Hi, I made my own grouping plugin for PlonePAS that works perfectly. It …
18:45 Ticket #7532 (Kupu 1.4.7 configuration panel error) created by shurik
For reference, this is also a problem on 3.3 when you run with DISABLE_PTS …
18:29 Ticket #7530 (version mismatch: version.txt in kupu-1-4-7.tgz.tar reads kupu 1.4.6) closed by duncan
fixed: Oh bleep. I've uploaded a fixed tarfile. For some reason the tarfile is …
16:09 Ticket #7531 (Possible XSS into LiveSearch module (plone 2.5)) closed by mj
fixed: Merged ree's fix in r18843.
15:49 Ticket #7531 (Possible XSS into LiveSearch module (plone 2.5)) created by matth
This bug is described in Ticket #7439 (marked as closed), but also affect …
15:11 Ticket #7530 (version mismatch: version.txt in kupu-1-4-7.tgz.tar reads kupu 1.4.6) created by grahamperrin
open kupu-1-4-7.tgz.tar open version.txt the file reads kupu …
13:27 Ticket #7529 (When modifying the title or deleting objects in checked-out folders and ...) created by daftdog
Steps to reproduce: - Fresh Plone instance - In "Site Setup" …
13:20 Ticket #7528 (Objects added to checked-out folders don't get checked in) created by daftdog
When allowing versioning and switching to OMInsideChildrensModifier for …
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