20:01 Ticket #7809 (validate_vocabulary in Field.py of Archetypes looks broken (example patch ...) closed by nouri
fixed: Thanks. I applied your patch: …
19:40 Ticket #7993 (Visible items not visible, most tabs missing, 'This folder has no visible ...) closed by hannosch
invalid: Looks like a LP problem.
19:35 Ticket #6594 (Permission without roles in rolemap.xml trigger key error) closed by wichert
invalid: GenericSetup is maintained as part of CMF, not as part of Plone. Please …
19:34 Ticket #7506 (Add/Remove Products — /prefs_install_products_form — version numbers ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: The workaround will hopefully not be needed anymore in a future Plone …
19:32 Ticket #7341 (Kupu 1.4.5 insert image drawer cannot list items in Plone 2.5.5-Final ...) closed by hannosch
19:27 Ticket #6590 (AttributeError: _v_transform) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I haven't seen any similar reports. Hopefully fixed by newer versions.
19:24 Ticket #6393 (After Migration Error: KeyError: 'roster') closed by hannosch
worksforme: Remove your index_html in the members folder. It still refers to the long …
19:23 Ticket #6255 (GS Export of fresh instance of a plone site creates a broken base profile) closed by hannosch
duplicate: The export of a Plone site is incomplete at the moment and will stay so …
19:20 Ticket #5771 (GRUF-using sites break user management templates) closed by hannosch
wontfix: We don't support GRUF anymore.
19:18 Ticket #8046 (Multiple import errors in log with clean 3.0.6 instance from buildout) closed by hannosch
invalid: Please ask for help with your specific problem on one of the channels …
19:10 Ticket #7538 (TraversalError in portal_quickinstaller) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Using easy_install with Plone is a recipe for disaster, so I expect this …
18:47 Ticket #7502 (Plone Import Broken) closed by hannosch
fixed: Meanwhile this has been fixed.
18:44 Ticket #7453 (Can not update, or clear and rebuild, the catalog: AttributeError: clear) closed by hannosch
18:40 Ticket #7297 (Adding user to group works, adding group to user doesn't) closed by hannosch
18:39 Ticket #7249 (Migration of 2nd Plone site fails at upgrade from 3.0.alpha2) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Can you retest with a current final release?
18:36 Ticket #7222 (UnicodeError when viewing Collection translated with LinguaPlone) closed by hannosch
invalid: Looks like a LP bug.
18:33 Ticket #7199 (Generic Setup Import tab generate an error) closed by hannosch
18:33 Ticket #7134 (Collection configuration does not pick up catalog changes) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Making these changes in a GS profile in your policy package is easy …
18:31 Ticket #7123 (ValueError: Action "object/folderContents" not available) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This looks like you have some customized scripts somewhere. Otherwise try …
18:28 Ticket #7017 (After Migration: uid_catalog is broken) closed by hannosch
fixed: The patch in limi's comment was added long ago.
18:26 Ticket #6971 (per-user skins: overriding viewlets does not work correctly) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Look into plone.browserlayer in Plone 3.1. Viewlets weren't skin specific …
18:17 Ticket #6128 (Delete Content confirmation does not redirect to site root path) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This seems to be a problem in the Staging add-on. Please try to verify the …
18:17 Ticket #7942 (Navigation Portlet: isCurrentParent (navTreeItemInPath) missmatch) closed by optilude
fixed: (In [20509]) Apply patch that fixes #7942. There is a test in …
18:15 Ticket #6108 (Cannot login with acquired user) closed by hannosch
wontfix: This is intentional for all I know.
18:14 Ticket #6072 (AlreadyTranslated error on archetype_tool "Update Schema" when updating ...) closed by hannosch
invalid: This is a LP bug.
18:11 Ticket #6083 (Migrating site from Plone 2.1.2 to 2.5.1 breaks News folder) closed by hannosch
worksforme: Close this since no feedback was given.
18:10 Ticket #5288 (using epydoc on AT fails with: AttributeError: type object ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.1 is no longer supported. If you are interested in running epydoc …
18:04 Ticket #7877 (intergrated installer for add-ons) closed by hannosch
duplicate: Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on this topic and it is tracked …
17:58 Ticket #8027 (GenericSetup import step for content rules produces double conditions and ...) closed by optilude
fixed: (In [20507]) Ensure a twice-imported profile doesn't cause duplicate …
17:55 Ticket #7776 (/portal_migration from 3.0.5 to 3.0.5 (svn/unreleased) fails; comparable ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: I don't see what we could do here. Make sure you only use released …
17:49 Ticket #7311 (plone 2.5.4 regression - Products fail to install) closed by hannosch
17:47 Ticket #6246 (isDefaultPageInFolder AttributeError after 2.0.5 -> 2.5.2 migration) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 isn't supported anymore.
17:46 Ticket #6060 (Search results doesn't respect allowAnonymousAbout (patch included)) closed by martior
worksforme: Is fixed in trunk.
17:45 Ticket #5779 (Plone 2.1.3 site is not creating user folders when members are added) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.1 isn't supported anymore.
17:43 Ticket #5598 (Apache-Plone 2.5 Logging Issue - No UserID in z2.log) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 isn't supported anymore.
17:43 Ticket #4828 (xmlrpc does not work properly with 2.1.1) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.1 and 2.5 aren't supported anymore.
17:42 Ticket #7461 (Version conflict in plone.recipe.plone when fixing Plone version in ...) closed by hannosch
17:40 Ticket #7201 (item gets webdav locked when using LinguaPlone 2.0) closed by hannosch
invalid: Please report this in the LinguaPlone tracker.
17:28 Ticket #7182 (Migration from 2.5 to 3.0 is broken) closed by hannosch
fixed: This was indeed fixed quite a while ago.
17:25 Ticket #8044 (Navigation portlet and folder can't have same ID) closed by optilude
worksforme: I can't reproduce this. By "I assigned folder "Servicios Web" to this …
17:22 Ticket #6718 (Import steps missing in GenericSetup after upgrade 2.1.3 -> 2.5.3 - must ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: We do set the base profile once to update the list of import steps.
17:22 Ticket #6596 (Plone 2.5.2 - can't add plone site in zope instance) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 is no longer supported.
17:21 Ticket #6269 (Compatibility of Plone-2.5.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz with SuSE 10.0 VServer) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 is no longer supported.
17:21 Ticket #6113 (Upgrade fails at 2.5-alpha1) closed by hannosch
17:20 Ticket #6085 (Migration from 2.0.5 or 2.1.4 fails: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 is no longer supported.
17:20 Ticket #6048 (mkzopeinstance.py (2.5.x windows installer) does not set $PRODUCTS ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 is no longer supported.
17:19 Ticket #6017 (SetupSite.py failed, no module named ImplPython) closed by hannosch
wontfix: Plone 2.5 is no longer supported.
17:15 Ticket #8049 (CMFQuestionnaire v0.6.2 unable to fill-out) closed by hannosch
17:07 Ticket #5066 (Objects in portal_factory are indexed) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This problem should be fixed for real. If you encounter it, it is most …
16:25 Ticket #8030 (Proposed fix to collapsiblesections JavaScript) closed by hannosch
fixed: This has been fixed in current SVN and the fix will be included in Plone …
16:23 Ticket #8026 (Kupu 1.4.9 / Plone 3.1-rc1: external URL prepended by internal URL) closed by hannosch
worksforme: It seems the behavior is random at this point and your particular problem …
16:13 Ticket #7987 (KupuError: Resource type: linkable, invalid type: Ploneboard) closed by hannosch
invalid: From what I understand this is a Ploneboard issue then and should be …
15:56 Ticket #7058 (Invalid error message: label_image is required, please correct.) closed by naro
fixed: Just checked in 3.1 ploneout and bug is fixed.
15:46 Ticket #7970 (Add/Remove Products Bug) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I have made Quickinstaller more robust in various places for Plone 3.1 …
15:43 Ticket #7394 (Erroneous xml leads to uninstallable half-installed product) closed by hannosch
fixed: OK, quick installer so far defaulted to suppress any errors during …
15:32 Ticket #7958 (msgids of plone/app/iterate/browser/*.pt are not in any pot-file) closed by hannosch
worksforme: If you don't have a SVN checkout ready, please retest with Plone 3.1 final …
12:00 Milestone 2.5.6-unreleased completed
Tickets targeted for the Plone 2.5 release series.
10:52 Ticket #6471 (MaxSizeValidator maxsize parameter is in megabytes) closed by nouri
wontfix: From what I can tell, you can pass a float as maxsize in the existing …


18:49 Ticket #7560 (at_post_create_script() called within the portal_factory phase when using ...) closed by nouri
wontfix: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this is an issue anymore since …
18:23 Ticket #7591 (Enable "python:..." declarations within maps fed to the "visible" ...) closed by nouri
invalid: Sorry for keeping this open for such a long time. And thanks again for …
16:25 Ticket #7589 (isEmptyNoErr breaks validation when a REQUEST is available) closed by nouri
wontfix: There are tests for the piece of code in question in AT. That is, if I …


16:25 Ticket #8049 (CMFQuestionnaire v0.6.2 unable to fill-out) created by glaroche
I try to use CMFQuestionnaire(0.6.2 beta) for my plone instance (version …
15:20 Ticket #8048 (setKssAttribute sets value to "undefined") closed by gotcha
fixed: fixed on kss.core 1.2 and 1.4 on time for 3.1 final missing test in KSS …
14:40 Ticket #8025 (RSS portlet (Plone 3.1-rc1) not presenting Atom content from Blogger feeds) closed by mrtopf
fixed: (In [20465]) fixed #8025. I was looking into the wrong field in the feed …
09:57 Ticket #8048 (setKssAttribute sets value to "undefined") created by b_mathieu
from  http://codespeak.net/svn/kukit/kukit.js/branch/1.4/kukit/dom.js: …
09:46 Ticket #8038 (short names ignored on object creation) closed by nouri
invalid: Thanks Jonathan.


22:18 Ticket #8047 (plone 3.1rc error on password reset) created by pfraterdeus
Submitted as a bug per Wichert's reply on plone-users. Error traceback …
21:22 Ticket #8046 (Multiple import errors in log with clean 3.0.6 instance from buildout) created by theo
WinXP. Plone 3.0.6, from buildout. Have a lot of errors in log: …
18:15 Ticket #8045 (Script errors with inline event calander edit) created by deesto
In Plone 3.0.5, clicking inline on an Event allows you to change the …
14:09 Ticket #8044 (Navigation portlet and folder can't have same ID) created by cbolanos79
I created a new navigation portlet at top of portal site, with name …
13:41 Ticket #8043 (Buildout Windows Instance Start Causes Error when Theme or Policy ...) created by tripcode
When running a buildout instance on Windows using the instance start …
07:55 Ticket #8042 (Sharing tab can't find OpenID users) created by grahamperrin
= Bug = In the /@@sharing Sharing view of an object, OpenID users …
07:30 Ticket #8041 (OpenID members not properly listed in search results) created by grahamperrin
1. at http://…site_URL…/Members 2. Search = Issue = Identities of …
07:20 Ticket #8040 (User ids need to be escaped in some account-related links) created by grahamperrin
1. login to a Plone site using OpenID 2. receive the /dashboard
05:42 Ticket #8037 (Changing Workflow with KSS enabled produces ConflictError) closed by csenger
fixed: Replying to gotcha: > I fixed the bug in 1.4 today. > > IOW, …
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