22:46 Ticket #8306 (Login error does not keep left and right slots filled with nothing if ...) created by vedawms
The default_error message contains these two lines: <metal:block …
20:51 Ticket #8305 (Sharing tab loses inherited roles after search or update) created by shengchaoli
After a search or update, the *inherited* roles are not shown though they …
18:28 Ticket #6901 (URLs containing string "expression" aren't linkable) closed by dunlapm
duplicate: This is covered by bug #7624, closing as duplicate.
13:13 Ticket #8304 (zope clock-server and manage_createNewSecret) created by hauki
In the ZMI for the PAS-Plugin "session" following it is stated : […] …
10:49 Ticket #8303 (GenericSetup "Portlets" import step doesn't work correctly for assignments) created by bohdan_koval
"Portlets" import step has posibility to set "context" category …


21:02 Ticket #8302 (portalMessages consolidated by KSS) created by ashlian
I wrote custom handlers for obj,event where (per zcml subscriber) event …
18:07 Ticket #6268 (Keyword widget allows empty keywords) closed by dunlapm
worksforme: Can't replicate. Looks like this was fixed quite a while ago.
16:58 Ticket #5583 (WebDAV document upload doesn't find Title if HTML tag has attributes) closed by dunlapm
fixed: This is already fixed in the current trunk. …
14:25 Ticket #6939 (Inline editing needs a switch so it can be turned off globally) closed by fschulze
fixed: (In [21767]) Added checkbox for enabling/disabling inline editing. This …
13:48 Ticket #8299 (Filter out portal-languageselector for printing with print.css) closed by naro
fixed: Fixed in 3.1 branch and trunk
13:05 Ticket #7858 (base_edit errors out if there is no 'default' schemata and the user ...) closed by nouri
fixed: Patch applied in  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/changeset/9862
12:51 Ticket #7623 (textarea.pt avoid deprecation warning for getAllowedContentTypes?) closed by nouri
worksforme: Not sure how TextField.getAllowedContentTypes gives a deprecation …
12:40 Ticket #7605 (Maxlength on textarea's doesnt work) closed by nouri
fixed: Looks like this one was addressed two years ago. :-) …


10:04 Ticket #8301 (Cannot customise the plone.logo viewlet) created by neillc
Attempting to customise the plone.logo portal view actually customises the …
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