23:20 Ticket #8355 (Proposal : inline editing should show an edit icon beside the content ...) closed by limi
invalid: * The fact that selecting the text triggers inline editing is a bug, and …
18:05 Ticket #7393 (Javascript error when clicking on 'toggle full screen mode' document ...) closed by hannosch
duplicate: This seems to be a duplicate of #7383.
18:03 Ticket #7267 (Calendar inserts invisible divs) closed by hannosch
fixed: This should have been fixed by recent changes to the calendar widget. …
18:02 Ticket #7228 (Plone 3: 'Toggle full screen mode' visible but ...) closed by hannosch
duplicate: From what I understand this is a duplicate of #7383.
17:57 Ticket #8318 (CSS file quietly dropped from merged CSS) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I don't see how this should be a specific problem with portal_css. It …
17:54 Ticket #7854 (javascript quits working and requires zope to be restarted) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I have no idea why JS could 'stop working' in this setting. I'll assume …
16:51 Ticket #8283 (Dashboard body class) closed by dunlapm
fixed: (In [22001]) Modified applied patch from bug report to fix bad CSS classes …
16:42 Ticket #5581 (plonifyActions doesn't highlight a dynamic tab unless it's the default ...) closed by hannosch
worksforme: The context argument is ignored by the current implementation of the …
16:30 Ticket #7730 (Invalid target UID checking content in or out) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This very much sounds like you had stale items in the portal catalog or …
16:29 Ticket #8356 (Backport password reset login fix to 3.1) closed by dunlapm
fixed: (In [22000]) Backported r21501 to 3.1 branch. This closes #8356.
14:47 Ticket #8357 (UI overhaul smartfolders/topics/collections) created by dannyb
A few years ago I made this design but nobody ever got around to actually …
14:35 Ticket #8356 (Backport password reset login fix to 3.1) created by claytron
Hanno fixed this issue on the trunk. We should backport the fix the the …
11:57 Ticket #8355 (Proposal : inline editing should show an edit icon beside the content ...) created by tbenita
Inline editing makes the whole display area active on mouseOver. This …
11:51 Ticket #8354 (DateIndex : July 31 is indexed as August 0 -> bug when browse the index) created by tbenita
In portal_catalog, index Date for example, if you browse and have entries …


18:56 Ticket #8208 (buildout.cfg should have more comments and better order) closed by smcmahon
18:56 Ticket #8205 (Client/server names should be standardized across the installers) closed by smcmahon
18:56 Ticket #8204 (Installers should filter deprecation warnings by default) closed by smcmahon
18:55 Ticket #8203 (Buildout should have a commented-out "unpinned" Plone definition) closed by smcmahon
18:53 Ticket #8202 (Commented-out example add-ons in buildout.cfg) closed by smcmahon


20:12 Ticket #8347 (ATReferenceBrowserWidget startup_directory_method attribute is broken) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed in SVN.


13:29 Ticket #8353 (Owner can`t see his item when Publishing Date is set.) created by dreug
I have the similar problem as [ http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/8166
07:41 Ticket #8352 (Unnecessary permission setting for "Add portal member" in setuphandlers.py) created by rossp
In CMFPlone/setuphandlers.py:521, the "Add portal member" permission is …
07:39 Ticket #8351 (Unnecessary setting for allowAnonymousViewAbout in setuphandlers.py) created by rossp
In CMFPlone/setuphandlers.py:522, the allowAnonymousViewAbout property is …
07:32 Ticket #8350 (GenericSetup step loop: portlets -> content -> plone-final -> portlets) created by rossp
When registering an import step with a dependency on "content" (possibly …
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