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16:24 Ticket #8837 (Document PLIP #247: Automate ZCML Loading for Plone Plug-ins) created by dukebody
Enable automatic plugins for Plone with z3c.autoinclude …
16:23 Ticket #8836 (Document PLIP #246: View for rendering events as an iCalendar file) created by dukebody
Make it possible to subscribe to Plone events in the standard iCalendar …
16:23 Ticket #8835 (Document PLIP #243: Replace workflow history viewlet with content history ...) created by dukebody
Plone stores both workflow history and versioning history for objects. …
16:22 Ticket #8834 (Document PLIP #239: Adapterise the Extensible Indexable Object Wrapper) created by dukebody
Make it easier to register ExtensibleIndexableObjectWrapper attributes …
16:20 Ticket #8833 (Document PLIP #240: Improve locking configurability) created by dukebody
This PLIP proposes to a) make it harder to accidentally leave content …
16:19 Ticket #8832 (Document PLIP #232: Resource Registries Improvements) created by dukebody
Allow Resource Registries to use conditional comments for CSS to bring the …
16:18 Ticket #8831 (Document PLIP #234: Standardizing our use of INavigationRoot) created by dukebody
Plone has the INavigationRoot marker interface which supports rooting your …
16:17 Ticket #8830 (Document PLIP #238: Disable inline editing by default) created by dukebody
16:15 Ticket #8829 (Document PLIP #126: Link type should automatically redirect when accessed ...) created by dukebody


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