14:25 Ticket #8560 (author.cpt should honor allowAnonymousViewAbout in the same way as ...) closed by ldr
fixed: (In [26387]) author.cpt should honour allowAnonymousViewAbout, closes …
11:00 Ticket #8457 (Removing <script> as a nasty tag on HTML Filtering page does not get saved) closed by csenger
worksforme: I close this bug now as I can't reproduce it.
10:36 Ticket #8125 (KSS does not allow spaces in field names) reopened by ree
So then I assign this bug back to nouri, he can decide what to do.
07:13 Ticket #9110 (@@filter-controlpanel : button "Add Nasty tags" should be labeled "Add ...) created by kleist
Ok, comerades, this is really nitpicking... but the "HTML Filter …
05:53 Ticket #8125 (KSS does not allow spaces in field names) closed by ree
wontfix: Html ids cannot contain a space. We would need to provide an encoding for …
03:25 Ticket #9109 (UI for reordering collections' subfolders) created by erikrose
Controlling the order in which a collection’s subfolders appear is often …


22:11 Ticket #9108 (A diff with an accent an UnicodeDecodeError) created by encolpe
Operantus modi: - configurate your browser in french - add a new 'Plone …
14:27 Ticket #9107 (Stock styles for the documentation pages) created by dukebody
It would be cool if we had a set of paragraph styles like 'warning', …
05:48 Ticket #9084 (collections portlet doesn't catch IndexError) closed by davisagli
worksforme: I wasn't able to to reproduce the infinite recursion problem (using Plone …


22:04 Ticket #9106 (Setting start level to 0 breaks highlighting in nav portlet) created by erikrose
1. Set the stock navigation portlet's Start level to 0. 1. Traverse …
20:33 Ticket #9099 (theme-specific layers (plone.theme) not taking precedence over browser ...) closed by davisagli
fixed: I released plone.theme 1.1 which includes the fix, and updated plonenext …
16:24 Ticket #9105 (Extend the Archetypes Developer Manual with existing documentation) created by dukebody
Integrate the interesting info of following docs into the AT Developer …
16:01 Ticket #9104 (CMFFormController.FormController._checkId() tries really hard to check id ...) created by kleist
Plone 3.2.2 I created a top level folder named "design". After that, all …
15:55 Ticket #8376 (New Plone 3.1 site needs a restart before all translations are available.) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed in PTS 1.5.2.
15:55 Ticket #8443 (PTS creates non-unique catalog ids when using i18n-folders in python ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed in PTS 1.5.2.
15:03 Ticket #7794 (LanguageTool setContentN doesn't work when VHM is active) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed in PloneLanguageTool 3.0.1.
15:02 Ticket #9103 (Wrong status command in Unified Installer's README.txt) closed by smcmahon
fixed: Thanks!
14:28 Ticket #8953 (Products.PloneLanguageTool is the wrong version in Plone 3.2.1 version ...) closed by wichert
fixed: Fixed.
14:24 Ticket #8097 (event-registration.js causing spurious request to https://0) closed by wichert
fixed: Plone 3.1.x has been replaced by Plone 3.2.x. We will not make any more …
12:55 Ticket #9103 (Wrong status command in Unified Installer's README.txt) created by starless
I just downloaded Plone-3.2.1r4-UnifiedInstaller.tgz and noticed that the …
12:52 Ticket #6306 (Let History table include both version and workflow history) closed by wichert
fixed: It's done. We did not use Alexander's layout proposal but used something …
12:41 Ticket #8824 (Avoid sending content events inside portal_factory) closed by hannosch
wontfix: I tried this twice without much luck. There's too many events involved we …
12:21 Ticket #7604 (Validator returns are not i18ned) closed by hannosch
11:03 Ticket #9102 (Version handling change in Plone 3.3) created by wichert
I just made a change the handling of package versions in Plone 3.3 which …
10:29 Ticket #7635 ("Common Plone programming recipes" needs review for readability, etc) closed by dukebody
wontfix: Marked to move to the knowledgebase.
09:54 Ticket #9024 (Release an example.formlib product for the Writing Forms With Formlib ...) closed by dukebody
fixed: Done!  http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/example.formlib/
03:01 Ticket #9099 (theme-specific layers (plone.theme) not taking precedence over browser ...) reopened by davisagli
Well, not quite yet...Martin and I identified a couple more tests I should …
02:47 Ticket #9099 (theme-specific layers (plone.theme) not taking precedence over browser ...) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in plone.theme in r26270. Can we have a new plone.theme release …


23:56 Ticket #7673 (Update documentation team area on plone.org) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I've set up  http://plone.org/team/DocumentationTeamEditors now in addition …
22:37 Ticket #9101 (Finish document on rounding corners using JQuery) closed by vedawms
fixed: Done. If anyone feels like reviewing it, they can. The process was vetted …
22:16 Ticket #8881 (Triplicate and other multiple appearances of documents) closed by smcmahon
fixed: It's not a completely unreasonable use case that an item might appear in …
22:07 Ticket #9074 (create knowledge base space) closed by smcmahon
fixed: Completed in …
22:04 Ticket #8987 (Merge CMF Expressions info with the ZPT tutorial - review) closed by smcmahon
fixed: Great work!
22:03 Ticket #9101 (Finish document on rounding corners using JQuery) created by vedawms
22:01 Ticket #9066 (Moving FAQ should have more pointers/it's incomplete) closed by smcmahon
fixed: Given that the only real bug associated with this problem is fixed, I …
21:48 Ticket #9069 (Plone Upgrade Guide: Introduction: a note to focus/reassure the majority ...) closed by smcmahon
21:42 Ticket #8836 (Document PLIP #246: View for rendering events as an iCalendar file) closed by dukebody
fixed: Hey, you didn't close!
21:38 Ticket #9100 (Update document on sifr) created by vedawms
Need to document how sIFR 3 works. Pay special attention to the …
21:37 Ticket #8726 (Hosting on MacOS X tutorial needs review/updates) closed by smcmahon
fixed: The entire document is years obsolete, and I've marked it so.
21:05 Ticket #8875 (Document how one gets Trac access) closed by gabriellehp
19:44 Ticket #6195 (INavigationRoot does not apply to portal-wide searches) closed by calvinhp
19:18 Ticket #8991 (Outdated documentation: plone.tableless) closed by vedawms
fixed: Updated for 3.x.
19:13 Ticket #9099 (theme-specific layers (plone.theme) not taking precedence over browser ...) created by davisagli
I've seen this in at least two cases, but haven't had time to investigate …
18:39 Ticket #8834 (Document PLIP #239: Adapterise the Extensible Indexable Object Wrapper) closed by dukebody
fixed: Ok, forget my last comment. Products.ATContentTypes.interfaces zope 2 …
17:46 Ticket #8305 (Sharing tab loses inherited roles after search or update) closed by claytron
16:45 Ticket #8837 (Document PLIP #247: Automate ZCML Loading for Plone Plug-ins) closed by dukebody
fixed: Extended and verified in Plone 3.3rc1.
16:23 Ticket #8832 (Document PLIP #232: Resource Registries Improvements) closed by dukebody
fixed: Verified in Plone 3.3rc1.
16:11 Ticket #9098 (Publish Plone 3.3 documentation updates as part of the 3.3 final release) created by dukebody
To ease tracking, I'm going to close verified documentation tickets …
16:07 Ticket #9097 ("folder_summary_view" news items byline not properly spanned with class, ...) created by kleist
Plone 3.2.2 The default view (a collection) of the News folder does not …
15:40 Ticket #9096 (UI element for rendering events as an iCalendar file) created by dukebody
 PLIP 246 implements a view …
15:22 Ticket #9095 (Byline shows mdash before date, even if css suppresses the .documentAuthor ...) created by kleist
Plone 3.2.2 The now deprecated "document_byline.pt" wrapped the mdash, …
15:01 Ticket #9094 (Link to Trac to report errors in the documentation) created by dukebody
If we want users to report errors in the core documentation to Trac …
14:59 Ticket #9093 (Sort and tag docs as knowledge base or core) created by jluvsu2
Editors- Using your topic section assessments, indicate which documents …
09:15 Ticket #9092 (CMFDiffTool: comparing two revisions breaks when using ...) created by WouterVH
Tested on plone 3.3rc1: 1) create a custom field for eg ATDocument with …
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