15:31 Ticket #9205 (Problems with write access to the Plone SVN) closed by hannosch
invalid: Please report problems with SVN access in the Trac instance at …
14:58 Ticket #9207 (plone.app.imaging 1.0b1 and/or plone.app.blob 1.0b3 problem with custom ...) created by grahamperrin
 plone.app.imaging is …
11:14 Ticket #9206 ('add new item' in IE7 doesn't show dropdown) created by spereverde
I'm currently testing with Plone3.3rc2 and noticed that when I try to add …
09:34 Ticket #9205 (Problems with write access to the Plone SVN) created by timo
I'm one of the seven GSoC students for Plone this year and I've send my …
08:06 Ticket #9202 (Problem when installing Plone3.3rc2) reopened by namleminh
Problem when installing Plone-3.2.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz […] In …


21:27 Ticket #9202 (Problem when installing Plone3.3rc2) closed by wichert
wontfix: Please use our installers to install Plone, or a buildout with the …
20:27 Ticket #8754 (Windows Plone Error on Start Before Issuing Install) closed by smcmahon
20:26 Ticket #8006 (easy_install.exe gets confused by spaces in path) closed by smcmahon
19:13 Ticket #9167 (PHC 3.0a2 content types not working w/ Working Copy (Iterate)) closed by smcmahon
fixed: Fixed in trunk
19:09 Ticket #8977 (easy_install does not work in Windows/Plone 3.2.1) closed by smcmahon
worksforme: Unable to reproduce with current installer.
19:06 Ticket #8753 (Error with 3.1.7 Windows Buildout) closed by smcmahon
worksforme: Quite a bit of work got done between 3.1.7 and 3.2.2 to improve behavior …
19:01 Ticket #6842 (No readme available in the windows installer) closed by smcmahon
wontfix: This is unfortunate, but we're not going to be adding features to the …
13:38 Ticket #9204 (Commit access to plone rep.) closed by hannosch
invalid: Please read the instructions at …
10:28 Ticket #9204 (Commit access to plone rep.) created by robinharms
Hi, I'd like to contibute to plone.app.discussion. To do that, i would …


14:22 Ticket #9203 (test) closed by aclark
14:21 Ticket #9203 (test) created by aclark
05:58 Ticket #8452 (create snapshot doesn't return upon completion (doesn't refresh page)) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in GenericSetup 1.4.4 which should be part of the next Plone 3.3 …


21:18 Ticket #9201 (Version pins are missing in version.cfg) closed by wichert
fixed: (In [26950]) Pin simplejson as well. fixes #9201
20:51 Ticket #9202 (Problem when installing Plone3.3rc2) created by namleminh
I checked out Plone products 3.3rc2 on …
17:01 Ticket #8499 (OpenID users can edit but not comment upon objects for which commenting is ...) closed by davisagli
wontfix: Commenting on items in Plone requires the "Reply to item" permission. By …
10:18 Ticket #9201 (Version pins are missing in version.cfg) created by tom_gross
The plone.app.protect and simplejson version pin is missing the …
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