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14:49 Ticket #9312 (New roles : Webmaster/site administrator and novice users) created by glenfant
All is said in PLIPs 248, 249 and 250. …
14:43 package-releases edited by optilude
09:29 Ticket #9311 (Clean up of user related actions UI) created by dokter
Proposer: Duco Dokter Seconder: Alexander Limi, David …
09:20 Ticket #9310 (User registration process more flexible) created by dokter
Proposer: Duco Dokter Seconder: Alexander Limi, David …
05:48 Ticket #9309 (Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.) created by terapyon
Summary: Default search mechanism that will incorporate East Asian …
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00:05 Ticket #9307 (OS X Plone-3.3rc3 - Installer set admin password prompt give no input ...) closed by smcmahon
wontfix: This is unfortunately a deficiency in 10.4's version of wxPython. Fixing …


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23:51 Ticket #9308 (Test the new PLIP template) closed by limi
23:50 Ticket #9308 (Test the new PLIP template) created by limi
Proposer: Your name here Seconder: None as yet …
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Adding PLIP info (diff)
20:00 Ticket #9307 (OS X Plone-3.3rc3 - Installer set admin password prompt give no input ...) created by cjsteel
When installing Plone -3.3rc3 onto a MackBook Pro running OS X 10.4 the …
19:56 Ticket #9306 (Advanced search on Documentation page looks funny) closed by jluvsu2
invalid: wrong trac
19:53 Ticket #9306 (Advanced search on Documentation page looks funny) created by jluvsu2
See screenshot.
17:13 Ticket #9275 (Edit Navigation Portlet Causes Plone to Quit) closed by optilude
fixed: Okay - I think I know what this is and I think I just fixed it with the …
15:34 Ticket #9305 (Use real names instead of usernames) created by laurenskling
Plone is mostly used in friendly environments where people know each other …
15:11 Ticket #9304 ("All content in one page" view for standard folders) created by albieback
Some content types for Plone Help Center have an excellent feature: you …
12:29 Ticket #9303 (users cannot change own password) created by nan
members in plone are not able to change their own passwords because …
12:24 Ticket #9302 (Improving the event type with recurrence, etc.) created by regebro
== Overview == The current event type is in need of a major overhaul. The …
12:02 Ticket #9301 (PlacelessTranslationService Error while compiling) created by liawagner
In Plone 3.3rc3 I get dozens of errors like the following during client …
11:07 Ticket #9300 (Well formed, valid XHTML) created by benglynn
Moving beyond SEO considerations and W3C validation links, Plone 4 should …
10:42 Ticket #9299 (Image management) created by jladage
With deco coming up, storing images get completely transparant. We would …
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09:04 Ticket #9298 (Improved accessibility with WAI-ARIA landmark roles) created by christophe
The WAI ARIA specification defines a set of specialised "landmark" roles. …
01:27 Ticket #9297 (Funny result trying to go to ZMI on new plone.org) created by dreamcatcher
If you try to go to the ZMI by adding a /manage on the new plone.org, you …
01:24 Ticket #9296 (Sharing tab does not show username) created by dreamcatcher
Using the sharing tab on the new plone.org does present a problem. For …


20:10 Ticket #9295 (Improved UI for collections) created by elvix
Proposer: Geir Bækholt Seconder: Denys Mishunov == …
18:23 Ticket #9294 (Portlet moving or exporting) created by albieback
There should be an easy way of moving a portlet from the right column to …
18:18 Ticket #9293 (Integrate plone.app.changeownership to allow folks to change the owners of ...) created by jonstahl
Replying to jaroel: Proposer: Jon Stahl …
17:34 Gsoc2009/FolderUiImprovements edited by csenger
Link to faceted Search implementations for Plone and related Projects, … (diff)
13:47 Ticket #9292 (Group management delegation) created by glenfant
== Motivation == Plone is a well suited to provide publication spaces to …
11:28 Ticket #9192 (Entries in the pull-down of versions does not translate ${version} ...) closed by tyam
fixed: I have confirmed this issue is now fixed with Plone 3.3rc3 on Zope 2.10.8, …
11:20 Ticket #9187 (Content Rule panel does not handle Kanji characters at Title and ...) closed by tyam
fixed: I have confirmed this problem is solved with Plone 3.3rc3 on Zope 2.10.8. …


23:52 Ticket #9291 (TypeError "'NoneType' object is not callable" on Migration from 2.5.5 to ...) created by bkeown
Old site was on Zope 2.9.8 / Plone 2.5.5 New installation is the stable …
20:55 Ticket #9290 (Add-on Products configlet should read reST readmes) created by erikrose
The Product Description links in the Add-on Products confliglet can render …
18:53 Ticket #9118 (Link user and group names on Sharing tab to their edit pages) closed by isaidyep
15:37 Ticket #9289 (Cannot allocate memory (buildout and zope)) created by meffe
== Machine/environment-info: == Fedora Core 8, about 5GB free ram, no …
14:13 Ticket #9288 (Improved commenting infrastructure) created by timo
A proposal for an improved commenting infrastructure for Plone. PLIP …
07:07 Ticket #9287 (i18n typo in Archetypes.Field.validate_vocabulary) created by frisi
the error message for values not beeing in the vocab in case …
00:30 Ticket #9286 (Allow to show/hide portlets) created by igbun
Proposer: Ricardo Alves Seconder: == Motivation …
00:09 Ticket #9285 (Show blocked portlets in management interface) created by igbun
Proposer: Ricardo Alves Seconder: == …
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