03:49 Ticket #9519 (Dist.plone.org missing Products.PortalTransforms for Plone 3.3.1) created by rockdj
 http://dist.plone.org/release/3.3.1/ needs to have …


09:12 Ticket #9518 (LiveSearch does not work with Japanese text) created by tyam
With Plone 3.3 out-ouf-the-box on OSX Leopard, LiveSearch box does not …


17:11 Ticket #7834 (Create diagrams of the Plone stack and a focused API overview) reopened by jluvsu2
16:42 Ticket #9517 (Plone 3.3 - Mailhost cannot run with ESMTP problems) created by asalv
Hi, Problems describe in earlier versions of Plone 3 : …
14:44 Ticket #9516 (colective.buildout.python does not install on Snow Leopard 10.6.1) created by mjm
The buildout to create a working python (as mentioned here: …
01:31 Ticket #9445 (Nav Portlet: Top Node Class) closed by esteele
fixed: (In [29676]) Applying patch from cwainwright. Closes #9445


19:58 Ticket #7834 (Create diagrams of the Plone stack and a focused API overview) closed by dukebody
wontfix: I don't think this is worth to be kept as a ticket, sorry. However, ff …
19:46 Ticket #9515 (Implement way to address redirects for docs that are deleted) created by vedawms
Need barebones UI for this. Not sure if this is possible, but if it can …
19:45 Ticket #9514 (Set up shorter URLs for docs and KB area) created by vedawms
New documentation will likely live in plone.org/docs and …
19:43 Ticket #9513 (Implement workflow for core section of plone.org/docs) created by vedawms
Whoever is going to set this up, please do.
19:41 Ticket #9512 (Define and formalize workflow in the core area) created by vedawms
This needs to cover roles, process, workflow states, and all of the nasty …
19:39 Ticket #9511 (Brainstorm any missing testing activities surrounding PHC Upgrade) created by vedawms
Just a final sanity check to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. File …
19:38 Ticket #9510 (Do section assessment of FAQs area) created by vedawms
Israel, I'll set this up and do the first pass.
19:37 Ticket #9509 (Migration of the Plone documentation area -- flipping the final switches) created by vedawms
Let 'er rip!
19:36 Ticket #9508 (All editors do final pass on section assessments) created by vedawms
Joanna, can you assign all of the editors here? I've put down a few, but …
19:35 Ticket #9507 (Test working copy on documents) created by vedawms
This is done on the test instance, but should be verified on the final …
19:34 Ticket #9506 (Test Products/PHC to make sure it isn't adversely affected) created by vedawms
Same infrastructure is used as in documentation area.
19:09 Ticket #9243 (icalender exported date is wrong) closed by massimo
worksforme: imho, it's not a bug. according to  http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2445, …
17:11 Ticket #9401 (folder_contents breaks if an item's portal_type has no title) closed by massimo
fixed: applied the patch r29670
16:06 Ticket #8879 (Update the 'Zope instance' glossary entry to cover buildout) closed by dukebody
fixed: Done. :)
16:05 Ticket #9492 (Attributes like "selected", "checked", "readonly" are treated specially in ...) closed by dukebody
fixed: We finally placed "This article contains information and examples from the …
15:30 Ticket #9501 (Include workaround for #8827 in the error reference) closed by dukebody
fixed: Closing... I'm asking David Glick to check everything's ok.
13:16 Ticket #9505 (Kupu generates js errors in mozilla in html view) created by dannyb
Kupu generates an js error when you toggle back from html view to wyiswyg …
12:53 Ticket #9500 (false detection bug in form_tabbing.js) closed by mj
fixed: (In [29657]) Fix fragment identifier detection; missing .length in the …
03:57 Ticket #9444 (ATContenttypes: Criterion seems to be broken) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in Archetypes in  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/changeset/11362 -- …
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