22:33 Ticket #9913 (Can't create site with Plone Classic Theme applied to it) created by esartor
I'm using Plone 4.0a2. I unchecked the 'Sunburst Theme' item in the …
18:22 Ticket #9905 (zpt documentation missing) closed by dukebody
fixed: Steve has deleted the kb/zpt item with dark magic. Apparently the item …
17:29 Ticket #9912 (folders in the /Members folder seem to be skipped during the migration) created by gnafou
I have user folders in the /Members folder. During the migration process …
14:24 Ticket #9911 (language of notification re: reply to a comment does not match the ...) created by grahamperrin
A reply to a comment to a blog post generated a notification via e-mail: …
10:00 Ticket #9910 (Content type Image allows uploading of files other than Image File) created by inakkhunbi
The Content Type Image allows uploading even executable Files.Restrict …
09:53 Ticket #9909 (Validation for Content type File) created by inakkhunbi
Validation to restrict types of file should be added for content type …
06:41 Ticket #8729 (error while installing OpenID Support 1.1) closed by davisagli
worksforme: Closing as I haven't seen other reports of this nor received further info.
06:34 Ticket #8462 (kupu resource libraries configlet breaks with DISABLE_PTS 1 set) closed by davisagli
wontfix: Closing, as this is not really a supported option, and one can limit the …
06:06 Ticket #9908 (TinyMCE should be able to add links without text being selected) created by rockdj
Whether this is a feature of TinyMCE or not, it feels like a step backward …
04:25 Ticket #9906 (auto search on bug report entry) closed by kleist
invalid: Please resubmit here: https://dev.plone.org/plone.org
03:49 Ticket #9907 (archgenxml2 manual missing) created by adrigen
03:47 Ticket #9906 (auto search on bug report entry) created by adrigen
there could be a ajax style auto search when entering text into this bug …
03:43 Ticket #9905 (zpt documentation missing) created by adrigen
 http://plone.org/documentation/kb/zpt says there are no pages in this …
01:01 Ticket #9904 (Invalid date in news item should return error) created by aclark
If you choose the wrong number of fields ( e.g. month and day, but not …


15:31 Ticket #9903 (Sunburst Theme: Viewlet registered for IBelowContent floats left) created by timo
When registering a custom viewlet for …
12:08 Ticket #9902 (plone.app.blob filename of files, title is preferred over filename.) created by do3cc
Currently standard files use the filename as the object id, not the title. …
11:32 Ticket #8702 (referencebrowser_popup.pt body tag should get an own style id) closed by tom_gross
worksforme: This works with the refactored reference browser widget in Plone 4.
11:29 Ticket #7608 (Relative paths fail for ATReferenceBrowserWidget) closed by tom_gross
worksforme: This works with the refactored reference browser widget in Plone 4.


22:41 Ticket #9901 (Join form: User ID may remains used if ...) created by ddekany
For example, if the user makes a typo on the join form in the domain part …
20:37 Ticket #9508 (All editors do final pass on section assessments) closed by dukebody
20:32 Ticket #9093 (Sort and tag docs as knowledge base or core) closed by dukebody
20:18 Ticket #9510 (Do section assessment of FAQs area) closed by dukebody
fixed: I've finished reviewing …
19:39 Ticket #9507 (Test working copy on documents) closed by vedawms
19:13 Ticket #9479 (Verify that an anonymous user can't edit any core or KB article) closed by vedawms
15:14 Ticket #9874 (Administrator creates user, "Send a mail with the password" is ticked: No ...) closed by hannosch
worksforme: The text is now clarified to read "Send a confirmation mail with a link to …
15:10 Ticket #9863 (Missing translation in Add / Remove products) closed by hannosch
worksforme: There is one now called "label_third_party_product".
15:05 Ticket #9696 (rss_template.pt broken in Plone4) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32318]) Optimize RSS template and make it work for items without a …
14:51 Ticket #7785 (ATRelativePathCriterion shortcut only works under special conditions) closed by hannosch
fixed: aq_parent(aq_parent(self)) and the shortcut are no longer there in ATCT …
14:38 Ticket #9543 (Improve portal_interface.objectImplements (and other)) closed by hannosch
fixed: Actually the tool uses the new zope.interface package in Plone 4 now.
14:35 Ticket #8708 (Move style from public.css to columns.css) closed by hannosch
worksforme: We have a new default theme now, which uses a different approach to column …
14:19 Ticket #8676 (Default editor choice should be blank) closed by hannosch
worksforme: We changed the handling of the user property with the inclusion of …
14:16 Ticket #8652 (Let join_form support additional values from portal_memberdata) closed by hannosch
fixed: We did the basic simple extension in Plone 4.
14:14 Ticket #8175 (Expose more of the object for Send Email templating) closed by hannosch
fixed: We introduced this based on plone.stringinterp for Plone 4.
14:11 Ticket #7953 (RSS feed should include body text) closed by hannosch
fixed: We actually do this in Plone 4.
14:07 Ticket #7481 (Metadata language available should be based on enabled content languages) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This is part of LinguaPlone now. As Plone itself is mono-lingual in its …
14:05 Ticket #7215 (Remove send mail with password) closed by hannosch
fixed: We fixed the user registration process as part of Plone 4.
14:03 Ticket #6200 (Memory Error when uploading large files (450MB)) closed by hannosch
worksforme: We fixed this as part of the blob integration work. Uploading files …
14:00 Ticket #5999 (Usability: users being added by a manager) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed as part of some Plone 4 work.
13:56 Ticket #5267 (Allow "@" in member names) closed by hannosch
fixed: We had a PLIP for this for Plone 4 and its fixed.
13:54 Ticket #3506 (rssBody xml encoding) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32317]) Define encoding for RSS feeds. This closes #3506.
13:50 Ticket #8395 (ZPT templates are decoded twice since Plone uses zope 2.10) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I tested this again in Plone 4 and cannot reproduce the problem. As long …
13:44 Ticket #7557 ([ATReferenceBrowserWidget] registerPropertyType() not called for ...) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This seems to work with the refactored reference browser widget in Plone …
13:43 Ticket #7558 (allow_sorting on ATReferenceBrowserWidget looses references) closed by hannosch
worksforme: This seems to work with the refactored reference browser widget in Plone …
13:42 Ticket #7563 (changeset #7924 killed the sorting ability of ATReferenceBrowserWidget) closed by hannosch
worksforme: The refactored archetypes.referencebrowserwidget as used in Plone 4 has …
13:34 Ticket #8797 (Adding error id in event.log (with patch)) closed by hannosch
fixed: This has been added in Zope2 itself.
13:30 Ticket #8155 (kupu 1.4.10 still does not work in Safari) closed by hannosch
13:27 Ticket #9516 (colective.buildout.python does not install on Snow Leopard 10.6.1) closed by hannosch
invalid: The mentioned buildout is not part of Plone but Florians personal project. …
13:22 Ticket #6480 (Zope 3 vocabularies have a problem with multiple identical labels) closed by hannosch
worksforme: I checked the code again and remove all fromItems calls I could find. If …
12:56 Ticket #9488 (plone.htmlhead.title is not editable TTW) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32312]) plone.htmlhead.title was not editable TTW. This closes …
12:43 Ticket #9408 (plone.app.vocabularies relies on acquisition in an unsafe way) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32310]) Removed funky Acquisition handling for vocabularies inside …
11:53 Ticket #9862 (Grok based viewlets won't work in Plone 4.0a1) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32309]) Protect forced Acquisition wrapping by an interface check on …
02:15 Ticket #9900 (virtual_hosting mishandle POST request) created by dwwuorcl
We ran Plone 2.1.2 behind an apache 2.2.3 https without problem. But got …
01:50 Ticket #9769 (plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver 1.4 is incompatible with Plone 3.2.x) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [32308]) Added a pin to a compatible zope2zeoserver version. This …
01:33 Ticket #9138 (Interface missmatch between plone.app.portlets.portlets.calendar and ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: This was fixed in Plone 3.3.1 or one of the earlier 3.3 releases.
01:24 Ticket #9005 (plone.app.layout.viewlets/colophon.pt might miss a semicolon in line 24) closed by hannosch
invalid: The line with a semicolon is actually invalid, which has probably …
01:21 Ticket #8958 (Using a unicode string as description for an Archetypes widget throws a ...) closed by hannosch
wontfix: In order to use non-ascii strings on widgets use a zope.i18nmessagid …
01:14 Ticket #8794 (ArchetypesTool uses 'isImplementedByInstancesOf') closed by hannosch
fixed: Switching away from old-style Zope2 Interfaces in all the places is one of …
01:05 Ticket #8469 (Group Memberships and User Properties tabs are not filled green when ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: This was fixed while refactoring those templates for Plone 4.0.
01:03 Ticket #8400 (Plone Version Overview still points to zope.conf) closed by hannosch
fixed: There's no zope.conf mentioned in the version overview anymore in Plone …
00:58 Ticket #8276 (Markdown portal transform and markdown.py version 1.7) closed by hannosch
fixed: Seems this was fixed some months ago.
00:57 Ticket #8272 (Plone3.06 chinese support bug) closed by hannosch
fixed: Formlib has been fixed in a later Zope 2 release and the bug does no …
00:34 Ticket #9194 (Static Portlet should resolve UIDs to URLs when rendering) closed by hannosch
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