18:17 Ticket #10401 (Thumbnail view is broken) created by limi
In today's checkout (Apr 6, 2010), the thumbnail view throws a traceback. …
17:25 Ticket #10400 (PlonePAS - "Members folder id" in ZMI leads to Not Found) created by daftdog
When trying to change the id of the members container Plone uses for its …
15:18 Ticket #10399 (Theme confusion after upgrade) created by wichert
I have a site that was upgraded from 3.3.3 to 4.0a3 to 4.0b1. At that …
14:34 Ticket #10265 (error on sitemap after migration to 40a5) closed by witsch
fixed: Replying to garbas: > i get something similar traceback …
10:03 Ticket #10020 (TinyMCE: Pasting from safari reverses clipboard) closed by robgietema
fixed: TinyMCE is upgraded to 3.2.7 and so this problem is fixed.
08:28 Ticket #10080 (TinyMCE fullscreen view not proper fullscreen) closed by robgietema
fixed: Fixed in svn rev. 114643.
08:16 Ticket #10308 (TinyMCE: Search does not work with Virtual Hosting) closed by robgietema
fixed: Fixed in svn rev. 114641
01:15 Ticket #9973 (Background seeping through when using full-screen mode with TinyMCE) closed by davisagli
duplicate: Duplicate of #10080
01:10 Ticket #10338 (Translated TinyMCE dialog window is askew) closed by davisagli
fixed: This is looking okay now that limi updated the tinymce styles.
00:52 Ticket #10034 (Log in dialogue is not populated with saved password) closed by davisagli
duplicate: Duplicate of #10023
00:43 Ticket #9869 (CSS overlay for logging in: Space for (translated) user name too narrow) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35762]) increase width of login form labels again; fixes #9869
00:42 Ticket #9731 (Long type names force a horizontal scrollbar) closed by esteele
fixed: Appears to be working now in trunk.
00:30 Ticket #7218 ("extra_buttons" slot on base_macros-page doesn't work) closed by davisagli
worksforme: This is working fine for me with Plone trunk.
00:22 Ticket #9765 (@@plone-addsite: help text incorrectly claims spaces not allowed in id) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35761]) update add site form help; spaces are actually allowed in …
00:11 Ticket #10208 (Change Password link is kind of 'hidden') closed by davisagli
fixed: The Password tab is now showing for me regardless of whether "Allow users …


23:51 Ticket #10188 (Default RSS template still a bit broken) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35759]) fix various issues with the RSS template; fixes #10188
17:30 Ticket #10065 (zmi undo-tab inside Plone site gives 'DisconnectedError') closed by davisagli
fixed: Hanno just released ZopeUndo as a separate egg, so you can now fix this by …
17:13 Ticket #10141 (pubdate keep updated (moving) to future time by time zone TD) closed by thet
fixed: Closed by r12413
16:36 Ticket #10141 (pubdate keep updated (moving) to future time by time zone TD) reopened by thet
The fix r12303 didn't respect Daylight Saving Times and always converted …
14:25 Ticket #7069 (Missing translations in @@filter-controlpanel) closed by vincentfretin
13:51 Ticket #10321 (Changing site language in 4.0b1 lead to mixed languages) closed by vincentfretin
worksforme: It works for me, I have a full italian Plone site. As the events, news …
13:45 Ticket #10050 (locales/sv/LC_MESSAGES/plonelocales.po has non-utf8 characters) closed by vincentfretin
fixed: Indeed the po file is encoded in ISO-8859-1 but the po header is set …
13:44 Ticket #10049 (locales/tr/LC_MESSAGES/plonefrontpage.po is not utf-8 compliant) closed by vincentfretin
fixed: AFAICS, the file seems properly encoded. If it's not, please contact the …
07:57 Ticket #10395 (translate.py does not translate messages but returns the domain) closed by vincentfretin
fixed: The old order was indeed tool.translate(domain, msgid, ...). With the …
07:14 Ticket #10397 (a small correction on the footer) closed by limi
03:33 Ticket #10398 (Overlay links should have a class attached, so they can be styled ...) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35715]) add link-overlay class to overlay triggers, fixes #10398
03:26 Ticket #10398 (Overlay links should have a class attached, so they can be styled ...) created by limi
We should make the jQuery Tools overlays add a class "link-overlay" to any …


21:30 Ticket #10397 (a small correction on the footer) created by mgogoulos
The Plone® CMS/WCM is © 2000–2009 needs update!
02:55 Ticket #10385 (Add-on configuration screen layout messed up) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35667]) make sure the prefs portlet shows even if there are no real …


23:21 Ticket #10318 (ExtensionClass change causes "Attempt to set attribute on empty ...) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [35659]) Use new Acquisition 2.12.2 release, this closes #10318.
21:18 Ticket #10296 (plone.recipe.zope2instance can't built twice) closed by hannosch
fixed: Fixed in SVN, will be part of the recipes 4.0b1.
21:03 Ticket #10219 (DateRangeIndex internal error after Plone 3->4 ugprade) closed by hannosch
fixed: This was a version mismatch during the alpha releases. The optimized date …
10:02 Ticket #9989 (Sunburst - add options to restyle breadcrumbs in ploneCustom.css) closed by limi
fixed: Added these a while ago.
09:32 Ticket #10293 (#portal-breadcrumbs is inside #content) closed by optilude
09:25 Ticket #9995 (Ensure that Sunburst doesn't fork viewlets or templates unnecessarily) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [35642]) remove need to Sunburst to have its own copy of …
08:47 Ticket #10102 (Improve page load performance by putting history in a pop-up) closed by limi
fixed: Yup, fixed in r35627.
08:45 Ticket #10384 (Clicking anywhere in an inline loaded window closes it) closed by davisagli
duplicate: Yes, known issue in 4.0b1. Use 4.0b1-1 instead, or upgrade …
02:22 Ticket #10173 (navigation portlet probably needs a functional test) closed by davisagli
wontfix: True, but the existence of this ticket isn't going to make it happen. :-/
02:17 Ticket #10326 (Migration page doesn't respect the PMI template) closed by davisagli
wontfix: The upgrade page uses the ZMI template because in some cases the Plone …
02:07 Ticket #10062 (TypeError: 'classobj' object is unsubscriptable during migration) closed by davisagli
worksforme: Closing this, as there's not enough information here to tell what's going …
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