13:31 Ticket #10677 (Migration fails for sites with instances of the old ATFavorite content ...) created by juh
I tried to migrate a 3.3.5 site to 4.0b4. After a lot of things were …
13:19 Ticket #10676 (Migration KeyError 'language') created by juh
I managed to migrate a Plone 3.3.5 site to 4.0b4 without errors. But when …


23:46 Ticket #10673 (MailHost error: [Errno 61] Connection refused on Mac OS X) closed by davisagli
duplicate: Duplicate of #10675
22:28 Ticket #10013 (Update the Unified Installer manual for Plone 4) closed by dukebody
18:40 Ticket #10666 (TinyMCE egg releases do not contain mo files) closed by esteele
fixed: Slapping myself on the wrist. Considering this closed.
18:37 Ticket #10522 (Anonymous user can lock objects) closed by esteele
worksforme: I've tried and tried to reproduce this, without success. Considering this …
18:27 Ticket #8823 (OFS folders should implement IContainer aka keys(), values(), ...) closed by dukebody
fixed: I've updated some pages, including the community developer manual and …
17:07 Ticket #10675 (Exceptions in connecting to a mail host can cause inconsistent ZODB) created by MatthewWilkes
If I supply a non-existant domain name as the site's mail host sending an …
17:04 Ticket #10502 (RegistrationTool's default email validation does not accept TLDs with more ...) closed by matthewwilkes
fixed: (In [37357]) Consider domain names with TLDs longer than 4 characters to …


15:32 Ticket #10674 (Triple entries on Dashboard) created by juh
With Plone 4.0b4 on the dashboard all entries show up three times. …
15:18 Ticket #10673 (MailHost error: [Errno 61] Connection refused on Mac OS X) created by juh
After configuring email without errors I get this error when sending a …
07:34 Ticket #10672 (manage-portlets should link to default pages instead of folders) created by frisi
in plone4.0b4, when viewing a page set as default view for a folder …
06:22 Ticket #10570 (Custom content types get wrong icons) closed by davisagli
wontfix: I agree that that's a bit confusing, but I can't think of a way to solve …
06:08 Ticket #10639 (Genericsetup ignores purge="False" on properties) closed by davisagli
invalid: Yeah, this is really a feature request for GenericSetup. (The purge …
05:48 Ticket #10640 (byline: link to @@historyview is rendered even if user lacks permission to ...) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [37346]) use the proper permission check to determine whether to show …
05:19 Ticket #10671 (Test instance Plone 3.3.5 to 4b4 Migration errors) closed by davisagli
wontfix: These do indeed look like problems related to Plone add-ons rather than to …
05:00 Ticket #10663 (Images broken when creating link on content with TinyMCE) closed by davisagli
duplicate: This is a duplicate of another issue I fixed yesterday; sorry I don't have …


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Formatting for subheadings. (diff)
16:46 Ticket #10671 (Test instance Plone 3.3.5 to 4b4 Migration errors) created by dtschmitz
Hi, I've taken a test bed instance of Plone 3.3.5 and pruned it of all …
08:00 Ticket #10670 (No way to turn on code button in Tiny MCE editor) created by bluszcz
Due to the tinymce.xml and Products.TinyMCE.utility.TinyMCE toolbar …
07:35 Ticket #10485 (Content type icons not shown in plonetheme.classic) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [37334]) add sprited icons for classic theme too, fixes #10485
06:58 Ticket #10541 ("never show icons" setting not respected anymore) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in  http://dev.plone.org/plone/changeset/37330
06:44 Ticket #10577 ("Set content as default page" screen missing icons) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [37327]) fix icons in select_default_page.cpt, fixes #10577
06:21 Ticket #10665 (Icons missing in tinymce link browser) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/119344
06:15 Ticket #10538 (Icons missing in tinymce image browser) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in  http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/119343
05:47 Ticket #10512 (Sprited content type icons not applied in livesearch results) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [37326]) fix icons in livesearch results, fixes #10512
05:28 Ticket #10501 (Navigation Portlet shows two icons for Images and Files) closed by davisagli
fixed: (In [37325]) remove file and icon sprites; improve alignment between …
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