11:29 Ticket #11275 (Comments view for FileContent) created by lzdych
Current comment view in plone.app.discussion extension doesn't work for …
00:30 Ticket #11196 (paster templates for Plone 4 list only Plone 3 themes) closed by eleddy
invalid: reported at  http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/53/view. closing
00:25 Ticket #11169 (another test) closed by eleddy
00:24 Ticket #10593 (copy & paste) closed by eleddy
00:23 Ticket #10556 ("AROfficeTransforms:word_to_text" broken; indexing unreliable) closed by eleddy
wontfix: closing this since its not part of the core and submitter indicated that …
00:17 Ticket #8535 (Change notes for images are missing from history) closed by eleddy
fixed: closing for thomasdesvenain


17:34 Ticket #11274 (navtree_properties documented as "Not used" are used) created by rmattb
For navigation tree properties, …
16:10 Ticket #11110 (Plone Gazette) closed by jessilfp
duplicate: duplicate of #11109
10:24 Ticket #11273 (pdelete in user registration form) created by juh
I cannot see the rationale to add pdelete to the User Registration Form. …
10:19 Ticket #11272 (Adding 'portrait' to user registration form causes traceback) created by juh
When you add 'portrait' via @@member-registration to the registration form …
06:00 Ticket #11271 (Add blogging to the forums on nabble) created by calvinhp
Please add the new blogging mailing list to the forums listing and nabble …


14:59 Ticket #11270 (Default language selector to none when creating a new Plone site) created by dukebody
If you install Plone with the Unified Installer and go to …
14:39 Ticket #11269 (Can't remove portlet's from the home page after updating to Plone4) created by kjcruz
I migrated our site from Plone3 to Plone4. While doing my final tests …
13:03 Ticket #11267 (missing icons in LinguaPlone in link translation dialog) closed by hannosch
invalid: Please report issues with the LinguaPlone add-on at …
12:10 Ticket #11268 (Blank page when logging in with Chromium/Firefox) created by zedr
In random occasions, when logging in my Plone 4 site using the Chromium …
11:59 Ticket #11267 (missing icons in LinguaPlone in link translation dialog) created by juh
When you click on "Browse" in manage_translations_form to link an existing …


16:00 Ticket #11266 (Allow setting an extra class on a link (using visual editor, not HTML)) created by khink
Some sites want to have a special styling for "More..."-links (arrow …
13:51 Ticket #11265 (The ``getFolderContents`` script prefers a request path over context path) created by mborch
When you invoke context.getFolderContents() you will expect it to …
10:43 Ticket #11254 (plone.app.standardtiles.field doesn't work with subrequest) closed by awello
fixed: (In [45737]) first processInput, then traverse (fixes #11254)
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