14:02 Ticket #11465 (Referencebrowserwidget does not work with IE7) created by csenger
The referencebrowserwidget used to edit the path criterion in collections …
13:49 Ticket #10786 (Reference browser usability insufficient) closed by csenger
fixed: I fixed messages in  http://dev.plone.org/archetypes/changeset/13444. …
07:21 Ticket #11464 (plone.app.redirector fails when old id can be found via acquisition) created by djay
To reproduce 1. create /folder1/test 2. create /test 3. rename …
06:28 Ticket #11454 (Products.TinyMCE test of @@tinymce-getstyle fails) closed by msmith64
fixed: Merged changes from …


21:20 Ticket #11463 (Integrate the preferences of Trac with the data from plone.org for email ...) created by calvinhp
Currently you can't get to the Trac prefs link to set your name and email …
20:45 Ticket #11462 (Improve main nav look and feel for a consistent brand throughout the site ...) created by gabdavhp
Mission: Update the look and feel of the main nav according to the …
18:54 WikiStart edited by smcmahon
18:53 WikiStart edited by smcmahon
18:50 Ticket #11456 (Wrong link on http://plone.org/support) closed by smcmahon
16:38 Ticket #11460 (emtpy personaltools show gray box in plonetheme.sunburst) closed by frisi
fixed: (In [47135]) only show personalbar in case there are visible user actions. …
16:21 Ticket #11461 (Test) closed by aclark
16:18 Ticket #11461 (Test) created by aclark
Test filtering of CIA to #plone.org and not #plone-framework on Website …
16:17 Ticket #11460 (emtpy personaltools show gray box in plonetheme.sunburst) created by frisi
if you deactivate all personal actions, in plonetheme.sunburst there is …
16:05 Ticket #11459 (Test website component) closed by aclark
15:59 Ticket #11459 (Test website component) created by aclark
Just a test of the email forwards for the Website component
15:28 Ticket #11452 (Need dependency info for TinyMCE) closed by csenger
fixed: fixed in …
15:21 Ticket #10039 (Visual editor should set writing direction based on current language, not ...) reopened by csenger
I looked at it again and see a problem. I implemented an auto setting …
15:11 Ticket #11453 (Request for SVN commit access) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
14:04 Ticket #11198 (custom indexer with plone.indexer breaks for SearchableText when using ...) closed by do3cc
duplicate: I must have hit the submit button twice. Same as #11199
13:58 Ticket #11458 (Start and end dates change when a collection of events is rendered as a ...) created by quasar
Hi everybody, Plone 4.0.2 running on Windows XP - Clean install no …
13:39 Ticket #11457 (dev.plone.org still mentions plone.org tracker) created by csenger
Plone.org website issues should be filed -> here where the page you get …
13:28 Ticket #11456 (Wrong link on http://plone.org/support) created by csenger
The Link "sign-up process is a bit different" points to …
10:21 Ticket #11455 (plone.app.imaging must apply patch only if installed) created by keul
(hoping this is the right place for plone.app.imaging bug report) When a …


21:32 Ticket #11454 (Products.TinyMCE test of @@tinymce-getstyle fails) created by msmith64
The view at  http://nohost/plone/portal_tinymce/@@tinymce-getstyle returns …
18:11 Ticket #11453 (Request for SVN commit access) reopened by optilude
Whoops, seem I'm behind the times. This is the right place. Mea culpa.
18:08 Ticket #11453 (Request for SVN commit access) closed by optilude
invalid: Please file this type of request in the plone.org tracker. It won't be …
18:03 Ticket #11453 (Request for SVN commit access) created by elk
Hi, I'd like to receive commit access to the collective SVN. A colleague …
15:01 Ticket #11440 (Request for SVN commit access to the Collective) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
10:44 Ticket #11356 (Tabs below the splash image on home page are too narrow) closed by asigottech
fixed: padding-right needed to be increased by 2.5 pixels on main_nav Done
10:28 Ticket #11418 (Broken instructions on posting to plone forums) closed by asigottech
fixed: Fixed, cache will catch up when cleared , results and testing can be seen …
10:24 Ticket #11052 (image missing from plone/support page) closed by asigottech
fixed: related to re-direction now fixed
10:13 Ticket #11437 (Broken link on page) closed by asigottech
09:23 Ticket #10653 (Can't edit in HTML on Plone.org or add anchor tags via TinyMCE mode) closed by asigottech
03:47 Ticket #10810 (CompilerError: Path element may not be empty in 'here//wysiwyg_support') closed by msmith64
fixed: In [ http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/231274/Products.TinyMCE
02:45 Ticket #11452 (Need dependency info for TinyMCE) created by msmith64
[ http://dev.plone.org/collective/changeset/230015/Products.TinyMCE/trunk/Pr


18:55 Ticket #11451 (plone.i18n: Latvian flag missing) created by lkjh33
lv.gif exists in the country-flags directory, but is not listed in …
10:41 Ticket #11447 (Request to get commit acces to Collective Repository) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
10:39 Ticket #11446 (Request for SVN commit access) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
08:34 Ticket #11450 (non valid css for sunburst theme) created by ddavout
Plone 4.1 using  http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator 66 errors …
07:33 Ticket #11449 (Registration form: not all fields with validation errors visually marked) created by ajung
Plone 4.0.3. See screenshot. The registration form uses the following …
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