21:36 Ticket #11592 (IE7 script taking long notification during search term highlight) created by eleddy
I have been debugging this issue on a clients machine so apologies in …
21:19 Ticket #11248 (TinyMCE 1.1.4 loads KSS for anonymous users) closed by jaroel
fixed: This is fixed in svn and will be released in 1.2.4
20:52 Ticket #10643 (Static portlets with TinyMCE do not show the editor) closed by jaroel
fixed: I don't see how this is related to each other. Please file a new bug if …
20:44 Ticket #10795 (TinyMCE and Kupu conflicts with "image captioning" transforms) closed by jaroel
fixed: The captioning code is extracted out of Products.TinyMCE and Kupu into …
19:56 Ticket #11208 ([plone.app.discussion] do not print the comments form (css)) closed by timo
19:19 Ticket #11591 (plone.app.discussion total_comments also counts non published comments) created by do3cc
Maybe somebody actually wants to see the total number of comments …
17:45 Ticket #11590 (Stack Overflow instructions and tagging) created by miohtama
The instructions for asking a question on a stack overflow are unclear. …
15:10 Ticket #2963 (Search keywords raise errors) reopened by ctxlken
This does not prevent livesearch from working, but I suspect it could be …
13:29 Ticket #11577 (Access to http://plone.org/support/providers/gocept) reopened by nilo
Hi, I still get Insufficient Privileges when trying to access …
12:45 Ticket #11589 (th { text-align: left } style reset needed) created by miohtama
IE9 displays th with center align, other browsers with left align. If …
11:50 Ticket #11588 (TinyMCE does not allow IFRAMEs) created by miohtama
It is not easy to embed IFRAMEs with TinyMCE (TinyMCE cleans them out from …
11:44 Ticket #11587 (include newer zope.testbrowser without HTTP_REFERER bug) created by saffe
Plone 4.0.x zope_versions.cfg specifies zope.testbrowser = 3.6.0a2. This …
10:43 Ticket #11586 (sendmail tries to import PublicPermission from the wrong module) closed by redcor
10:29 Ticket #11586 (sendmail tries to import PublicPermission from the wrong module) created by redcor
sendmail tries to import PublicPermission from the wrong module The fix …
08:56 Ticket #11585 (portal_view_customization does not display viewlet manager) created by miohtama
portal_viewlet_manager displays necessary fields (name, interface, etc.) …
08:51 Ticket #11584 (Cannot hide User menu for anonymous) created by miohtama
Plone 4.0.2, Sunburst theme. When you hide all items from user menu (top …
08:38 Ticket #11583 (Products.ResourceRegistries: "File" resources can be lost (apparently ...) created by dieter
"Products.ResourceRegistries.tools.BaseRegistry.BaseRegistry.getResourceCon …
04:13 Ticket #11580 (RuntimeError when trying to view ticket anonymously) closed by jonstahl
worksforme: Hrm, I'm not able to reproduce this. Please reopen if you can.


22:09 Ticket #11521 (4.1a3 upgrade - TypeError: 'BTrees.IIBTree.IITreeSet' object does not ...) closed by rossp
fixed: Fixed in r47847
17:20 Ticket #11582 (Plone Service Provider Listing on Plone.org) created by tbsiinc
Our company - True Blade Systems, Inc. is a listed Plone service provider. …
07:42 Ticket #11581 (How to enable 'strong' and 'em' in TinyMCE) created by erral
This is a follow-up of this plone-users thread: …
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19:31 Ticket #11577 (Access to http://plone.org/support/providers/gocept) closed by limi
fixed: Should be working now, reopen if you still have problems editing it.
16:19 Ticket #11578 (Request for commit access in collective.salesforce.query) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
14:52 Ticket #11580 (RuntimeError when trying to view ticket anonymously) created by msmith64
When I went to look at  http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/11492 while not …
14:39 Ticket #11579 (tiny_mce.js caching causes js load failure on browserviews) created by sunew
When using a tinymce based wysiwyg widget …
14:08 Ticket #11578 (Request for commit access in collective.salesforce.query) created by aleperalta
I would like commit write access for collective.salesforce.query. I work …
08:59 Ticket #11577 (Access to http://plone.org/support/providers/gocept) created by nilo
Hello, please give me access to our entry in the providers section. …


16:35 Ticket #11576 (Giving a particular snapshot in portal_setup via the ZMI a title confuses ...) created by acsr
Prerequisite ========================== the following procedure is not …
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