15:07 Ticket #11720 (OS X 10.5/10.6 Intel Installer fails with ImportError: wrong architecture) created by arc64
I have been trying to install Plone (OS X 10.5/10.6 Intel Installer) on …
09:56 Ticket #11719 (Access to collective SVN) created by fakedrake
I am a member of eestec it team and I am developing a portlet for the …
09:55 Ticket #11715 (Access request to the Collective repository) closed by MatthewWilkes
fixed: Added as zupo was bugging me to speed it up ;)
09:55 Ticket #11714 (commit access to subversion) closed by MatthewWilkes
fixed: Added as zupo was bugging me to speed it up ;)
09:53 Ticket #11718 (Access to collective SVN) created by marvin
I'm a student working at the eestec.net portal, and i would like to commit …
09:45 Ticket #11717 (eestec.controlcenter) closed by MatthewWilkes
invalid: This is not a piece of Plone core and anyway it is not a valid feature …
09:43 Ticket #11717 (eestec.controlcenter) created by fakedrake
the portlet
09:17 Ticket #11716 (PlonePAS MembershipTool.searchForMembers loses the sort_by order) created by neaj
Patch attached.
09:07 Ticket #11715 (Access request to the Collective repository) created by tterranigma
I would like to have access to the Collective repository, to commit …
09:07 Ticket #11714 (commit access to subversion) created by andrejpan
- Collective - I need access for committing code for eestec.net
09:06 Ticket #11713 (ContributeCollective wiki page contains a bad link) created by niteoweb
Wiki page at  http://dev.plone.org/plone/wiki/ContributeCollective has a …


23:28 Ticket #10903 (hidding viewlet for * (all) skins not working) closed by WouterVH


07:17 Ticket #11712 (Mac Installer on MacBook Pro (Mac OS X 10.6.7) fails) created by ksuess
 http://pastie.org/1799978 run buildout generates 64er eggs and fails: …


23:48 Ticket #10670 (No way to turn on code button in Tiny MCE editor) closed by WouterVH
invalid: I cannot reproduce this, the button is there. If you to the …
23:45 Ticket #10596 (No way to restrict a collection to search within the navigation root if it ...) closed by dunlapm
fixed: In  r237697. Allow …
17:32 Ticket #11033 (plone.app.caching: Missing __cp cookie handling) closed by hannosch
fixed: This was long fixed in [40525].
17:31 Ticket #9537 (History viewlet fails when no 'review_state' is present) closed by dunlapm
fixed: (In [48891]) Handle possibility of content not having a "review_state" in …
17:28 Ticket #10705 (Remove subcollection "Past events" from "Events" in default content) closed by hannosch
fixed: (In [48889]) Remove previous sub-collection from default content, as …
15:38 Ticket #7145 (Exclude objects from sitemap.xml) closed by ldr
fixed: (In [48878]) Exclude types_not_searched from sitemap.xml. Closes #7145.
14:29 Ticket #9849 (Incomplete caching checks in Products.ResourceRegistries) closed by do3cc
fixed: Fixed for Plone 4.X in version 2.0.4. Fixed for Plone 3.3 in version …
13:50 Ticket #11711 (TinyMCE - inconsistent editing of link styles) created by imacdonald
Example: - insert thumbnail image into document - select …
05:01 Ticket #11039 (Unicode decode error occurs on create new user) closed by davisagli
duplicate: Yep, works for me too.
04:31 Ticket #11372 (It's too hard to override the Conversation's enabled method) closed by rossp
fixed: Fixed in r48849, line-break seems to have interfered with automatic …
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