23:52 Ticket #10702 (importing new site failes due to problems with wicked) closed by eleddy
wontfix: Wicked is no longer so tightly integrated in Plone 4 and 3.3 is no longer …
23:27 Ticket #8247 (Unresponsive Kupu and "Error: XhtmlValidation is not defined" in browser ...) closed by eleddy
23:27 Ticket #7486 (setting no expiration date on a previously expired object does not ...) closed by eleddy
fixed: could not reproduce in 4.2
23:22 Ticket #7444 (Busy script warning dialog) closed by eleddy
23:17 Ticket #10267 ("zope.formlib" integration: various bugs with multiple selections) closed by eleddy
23:15 Ticket #10679 (/personalize_form error) closed by eleddy
wontfix: works in 4.2
23:12 Ticket #10524 (livesearch_reply modifies queries incorrectly by inserting 'AND') closed by eleddy
fixed: validated fixed in 4.2
17:11 Ticket #9993 (Upgrade from Plone 2.1 doesn't complete because of portal_workflow issue) closed by eleddy
17:09 Ticket #7490 (Plone, Kupu and FCKEditor statements that changes are saved: sometimes not ...) closed by eleddy
17:07 Ticket #7297 (Adding user to group works, adding group to user doesn't) closed by eleddy
wontfix: grahamperrin - I don't know if this is still an issue but reading this …
16:51 Ticket #7020 (Kupu does not realize that wiki pages are no more existant) closed by eleddy
16:36 Ticket #11994 ("Show all items" in folder_contents not working when there are a lot of ...) closed by eleddy
16:35 TriagingBugs edited by eleddy
16:32 Ticket #10131 (plone.app.imaging returns scale names as unicode) closed by eleddy
wontfix: closing since officially we don't support plone 3
16:28 Ticket #9261 (calendar widget fix for 3:rd party integration) closed by eleddy
wontfix: I am not sure how to test and see if this is still the case in Plone 4 …
15:27 Ticket #10305 (Links not handled consistently) closed by eleddy
wontfix: new collections in 4.2 fixes this
15:01 Ticket #9132 (.zexp export-import fails when wiki behaviour is enabled) closed by eleddy
14:58 Ticket #8722 (Users can't delete their own content if they don't own the container) closed by eleddy
fixed: fixed in plone 4
14:51 Ticket #8291 (Edit icon should be conditional to provided interface) closed by eleddy
14:50 Ticket #8144 (Internal links in static text portlet become incorrect in display context) closed by eleddy
14:48 Ticket #7948 (Mutable properties keeps props of removed users) closed by eleddy
worksforme: confirmed fixed in plone 4.
11:57 Ticket #12104 (plone.app.linkintegrity no longer supports 'resolveuid' URLs) closed by mj
fixed: Fixed in GitHub commit …
08:54 Ticket #12627 (User failed to register on first attempt, is now not allowed to register ...) created by malin@…
We had a complaint from Petr Bruha (pbruha@…) who tried to …
07:56 Ticket #12402 (plone.app.linkintegrity misses references when the relative path starts ...) closed by davisagli
fixed: Fixed in …


12:52 Ticket #12589 (Latest Comments portlet show wrong dates) created by serhat
Comments made on items in a directory tree are shown in a collection …
10:46 Ticket #12586 (table_sorter.js incorrectly sorts international dates in atct_topic_view) created by dimboo
The new table_sorter.js (#10809 ) still can't handle international dates …
10:44 TriagingBugs edited by eleddy
10:44 TriagingBugs edited by eleddy
10:13 Ticket #6868 (spinner is shown up at bottom left in ie6 not in the middle of screen.) closed by eleddy
10:11 Ticket #12585 ("plone.recipe.zope2instance": inconsistent working directories) created by dieter
"plone.recipe.zope2instance" generates a script to start/stop/fg/debug the …
10:02 Ticket #10665 (Icons missing in tinymce link browser) closed by djay
fixed: Made the change here …
09:59 Ticket #12583 (plugin.js from KSS breaks jQuery in IE) created by marco.mariani
What happens - including kukit in a page breaks subsequent calls to jQuery …
09:45 Ticket #7827 (Produce a VirtualBox .iso image of Ubuntu running Plone for evaluation and ...) closed by eleddy
09:44 Ticket #7819 (Create material that teaches people how to do screencasts) closed by eleddy
09:41 Ticket #7816 (Improve Framework Team process) closed by eleddy
fixed: this is happening and moving
09:38 Ticket #7820 (Create a plan to help local user groups market Plone and Python to local ...) closed by eleddy
09:35 Ticket #7831 (Improve keyword management and tagging interface) closed by eleddy
fixed: I'm sure there is still stuff to be done here but keywords handles the …


22:38 Ticket #12322 (For existing images, alt attributes added to img tags by TinyMCE contain ...) closed by dkozar
fixed: Fixed in …
20:37 Ticket #12577 (Static text portlet mangles ordered list when portlet border is omitted) created by rogererens
When I create a static text portlet with an ordered list in it, I get: …
20:24 Ticket #12576 (Traceback error when doing searches in the documentation section) created by markcorum
Go to this URL:  http://plone.org/products/ploneformgen/documentation Put …
17:10 Ticket #7837 (Investigate options for static HTML deployment of Plone sites) closed by eleddy
wontfix: closing since this hasn't seen activity in a long time. Feel free to …
17:08 Ticket #7839 (Create a cross-platform Plone Controller) closed by eleddy
17:03 Ticket #7844 (Improve membership and memberdata handling) closed by eleddy
wontfix: resubmit as a PLIP if there is still motivation please :)
17:02 Ticket #7845 (Unify/simplify template/view/image/CSS customization) closed by eleddy
invalid: I don't know what is going on in this ticket and I doubt anyone could pick …
16:56 Ticket #7849 (Ship with more themes OOTB) closed by cwainwright
wontfix: Wow, this is an old issue :) I think plone.app.theming covers this just …
16:53 Ticket #7826 (Improve Plone's import/export story, investigate dump and reload as ...) closed by raphael
wontfix: Replying to eleddy: > any reason to keep this ticket open? …
16:50 Ticket #7846 (Create a group of "integrator liasons") closed by eleddy
16:43 Ticket #7841 (Newly installed Plone sites should have thumbnails + links to quality ...) closed by eleddy
fixed: if there is still interest in this, please resubmit as a PLIP
16:42 Ticket #7852 (Promote Deliverance as the branding/"corporate ID" mechanism) closed by eleddy
16:37 Ticket #7813 (Make sure the "strategic integration" story with other systems is visible ...) closed by eleddy
invalid: closing since no real update in 4 years. feel free to reopen!
16:35 Ticket #7817 (Improve release procedures for add-ons on plone.org) closed by eleddy
16:33 Ticket #7864 (Create a "buildout builder") closed by eleddy
wontfix: If this hasn't happened yet I doubt it will happen. I think we have enough …
16:30 Ticket #7812 (Add user-configurable ratings support to Plone) closed by eleddy
16:30 Ticket #7871 (Create a comprehensive suite of browser tests) closed by eleddy
16:29 Ticket #7847 (TTW content type creation) closed by eleddy
16:28 Ticket #12548 (Being added to planet.plone.org) closed by miohtama
fixed: Yiihaa
16:28 Ticket #7832 (Put together a team to produce a plan for the refactoring or move-to-Z3 ...) closed by eleddy
fixed: Dexterity won
16:25 Ticket #12339 (No more able to edit the Smart Link project) closed by eleddy
16:23 Ticket #12572 (planet plone rss feed) closed by miohtama
fixed: Done deal
13:57 Ticket #12575 (Making Plone more semantic and accessible) created by morphex
After reading a bit about the hiddenStructure class in Plone on the net …


18:39 Ticket #12572 (planet plone rss feed) created by maartenkling
Can anyone please add ploneconf news to planet plone rss feeds link: …
10:04 Ticket #12571 (CMFPlone README should say you don't easy_install it) created by miohtama
People assume they can install CMFPlone using pip or easy_install […] …
09:17 Ticket #12490 (Access to the Collective repository) closed by gotcha
fixed: Access granted Welcome to the collective.
09:15 Ticket #11922 (Request for access to the Collective repository for arterrey) closed by gotcha
worksforme: I confirm that you have access to SVN collective. The problem is that you …
01:11 Ticket #11922 (Request for access to the Collective repository for arterrey) reopened by arterrey
Hi all, two things. 1)I'm not able to commit to the svn repo. I don't …
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