23:28 Ticket #12897 (Comment approval via email raises Insufficient Privileges error.) created by winn
To duplicate this error on a fresh Plone instance: Configure Mail …


10:11 Ticket #12896 (plone.css gives an error on a fresh Plone site before CSS registries are ...) created by datakurre
I was testing this with buildout.coredev for Plone 4.2 with …


21:50 Ticket #11357 (TinyMCE: linking images through URL should use relative URLs only) closed by eleddy
worksforme: I could not recreate this issue on any live sites with 4.1.5. Closing, but …
21:44 Ticket #11030 (TinyMCE breaks internal links on editing static portlets) closed by eleddy
fixed: I could not recreate this in the latest release of tinymce (1.3). I …
21:27 Ticket #10815 (Invoking Edit on today's 4.0 coredev gets you 63 HTTP requests (890KB of ...) closed by eleddy
fixed: confirmed - nice guys!
21:24 Ticket #12126 (Remove unwanted Chinese translations) closed by eleddy
fixed: removed in …
20:51 Ticket #12895 (Can't activate/install products) created by eleddy
Working on the 4.3 master, go to the install form …
20:36 Ticket #10803 (TinyMCE popups (eg insert Images, Links) titlebar shows content underneath) closed by eleddy
fixed: This is no longer an issue in tinymce 1.3 on 4.3. as far as that css …
20:30 Ticket #5811 (quote level: usage, icon confusing) closed by eleddy
20:23 Ticket #12892 ('Redirect immediately to link target' setting doesn't stick) closed by eleddy
worksforme: I just tested this in 4.2 and 4.3 and could not recreate. Are you sure you …
19:28 Ticket #8550 (search field/function does not work in Insert Link dialogue) closed by dkozar
wontfix: This is relevant to Kupu, which is not maintained anymore.
19:26 Ticket #10039 (Visual editor should set writing direction based on current language, not ...) closed by dkozar
fixed: Fixed in …
19:23 Ticket #12894 (Login redirect does not work) created by dkozar
- go to any ticket - click login and enter creds - you get redirected to …
13:55 Ticket #10888 (Make KSS optional) reopened by esteele
10:42 Ticket #12776 (removing kupu completely from plone) closed by esteele
fixed: Looks like this one is done.
06:26 Ticket #12875 (dexterity's default view for folderish content types fails due to ...) closed by tom_gross
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