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Adding a new feature proposal for Plone

To add a PLIP (Plone Improvement Proposal), you need to be logged in, then create a ticket of the type PLIP, and paste in the below as your starting template:

'''Proposer:''' Your name here[[BR]]
'''Seconder:''' None as yet[[BR]]
== Motivation ==
Why does this proposal exist and what problem does it solve?

== Assumptions ==
Key assumptions made. What is being covered by and what is 
intentionally left out of the scope of the proposal.

== Proposal & Implementation ==
What needs to be done, and how should it be done?

== Deliverables ==
What code and documentation needs to be produced? 
Standard items: 

 * Unit tests
 * Localization
 * Documentation

== Risks ==
What are the risks of implementing this proposal? 
What incompatibilities can it cause?

== Participants ==
Who is signed up to do the work? 
(Real names and usernames, please)

== Progress ==
Is any of the work done already? 
(When working on this in the repository, use the 
 "refs #YourTicketNumber" 
 message in the check-in message to tie commits
 to this ticket)

As part of completing this template you will be required to find one or more core developers to second this proposal, which can be done most easily by sending a draft to plone-developers and asking for feedback and seconders. This is to ensure that you have multiple pairs of eyes looking at the proposal and improving it before the time comes for the official vote.