How to Triage Bugs

Please note that this is a work in progress. We currently have no official triage system so this is subject to change as things get worked out.

Keep in mind that the most important thing we can do is make sure people feel like at least 1 person has seen their complaint. If it's not legit, don't keep their dreams alive by just letting it float by. Be nice, give an explanation, and let them down gently.

Current Goal

The current goal is to get this thing to a sane state where we are able to actually respond to this.

General Instructions

  • Untriaged tickets are in a report at In addition, we have a huge backlog of tickets that need to be looked at.
  • Bugs that have not been *modified* in 9 months will be CLOSED. It's the only sane way we can get this thing back to normal.
  • Critical bugs should be reported to esteele immediately by adding him to the cc list and if it's really bad, give him a poke in IRC.
  • Every bug should have a milestone, version, and component. If you can add additional tags for sorting, that would be great!
  • Feature requests should NO LONGER be moved to We are in the process of closing that out.
  • If the bug is for an add-on, please be kind enough to look up the add-ons bug tracker, file there and close the ticket. Then make sure the add-on author is not linking to the bug tracker in their listing. If they are, add the maintainer to the cc and keep the ticket open for now with a nice message in the comments.
  • Don't forget to triage your own tickets! Report for that is at  |
  • Some tickets are in other languages. At the moment I think the best way to help with this is to redirect to mailing lists and irc channels. Here is a partial list:
LanguageIRCMailing List
Spanish#plone-conosur usuarios-plone@…


Many things are officially unsupported in Plone and we need to focus our resources on other things. If you approach one of these tickets, please validate that it still isn't present in a supported release, and if not tell the reporter the version you tested on has it fixed and close it with a keyword of "unsupported". This applies to:

  • Plone 2,3 (be sure to validate that the bug is missing from 4.-latest**)

Soon to be unsupported officially, but unofficially no one cares:

WhatDeprecated starting at version
Working Copy (Iterate)4.4

Plone has a lot of things that need ripped out so please reference Plone Core Cleanup to see what is happening and add things to the list above as needed.


The better a ticket is tagged the easier it is for people to find relevant tasks. Tagging a ticket is easy! In the keywords field, just use a comma separated list. Here are some tags and what they mean.

TagWhat it means
greenbeltGood for beginners
PASPluggable Auth System (PAS) bugs
patchHas a patch that needs to be reviewed and committed
tuneupA quick fix that would be good for tuneups
unsupporteda ticket for a plone version that is officially unsupported
upstreamthe bug looks like a Plone bug, but is actually an underlying package (usually Zope)


A short guidance which resolution is the best to set.

Resolution isFits well for
wontfixUnsupported issues (remember to check these not being valid with Plone-4.x)
invalidCompletely whack stuff that makes no sense
worksformeUnreproducible bugs
duplicateThis is a duplicate of another issue. Make sure to reference the duplicate ticket number in the comments
fixedIssue has been resolved


The milestone should almost always be set to 4.x.

Milestone isFits well for
4.1 or 4.2Release manager usually assigns these.
4.xJust about everything. When in doubt, choose 4.x
FutureFeature requests and plips not yet targeted at any specific release.


Here is a general guideline for choosing components.

ComponentFits well for
ArchetypesArchetypes bugs. Will eventually be all deprecated
Backend (Python)Bugs requiring mostly python work, hardcore ploning
Bounty MissionThis should only be set by Plone Foundation guys I guess
Commenting/DiscussionBugs in, any commenting bugs
CommitAccessRequests for collective and/or core commit access
Content RulesContent Rules bugs
Deco/Blocks/TilesDeco/Blocks/Tiles bugs
DexterityDexterity bugs
DiazoDiazo bugs
DocumentationDocumentation for anywhere, even on Create/update/delete all valid
GeneralEverything that doesn't fit nicely into any other category. May touch both front and back end. Specific to Plone
InstallersWindows, Linux, and mac installer issues
InternationalizationInternationalization bugs
JavascriptBugs in javascript components of plone
Jenkins CI accesscommit access for people wanting to add jobs to
Planet PloneRequests to list a blog on planet plone
RTLRight to left languages. Should this be merged into internationalization?
Sysadmin and Development InfrastructureIssues with Plone[.org] infrastructure. Outages, SSL issues, etc
Templates/CSSBugs which are primarily fixable with template and/or css modifications. These are usually good for newbies
Theme Editor (Experimental)Theme Editor bugs
UnknownTicket dumpster
Upgrade/MigrationFailed Plone migrations (NOT add ons)
User Experience and InterfaceIssues with the user experience of Plone.
VersioningWorking copy/iterate/content revisions issues
Visual EditorTinyMCE bugs... should we rename to tinymce?
WebsiteNon documentation issues with


In some cases, it's best to CC people for certain types of tickets. Since this is hard to know who and what will be interested at the time, I'm leaving the people to be cc'd on this page next to the ticket type. Please feel free to add or remove yourself from the existing categories or add new categories if you are interested in knowing of a ticket as it comes in.

Installers (mac)ericof
Installers (windows)runyaga (enfold)
Installers (linux)smcmahon


If you have questions, please list them below and I will integrate the answers into this document.

  • Can't remove myself from cc's, after saving I get 'ida removed from cc' but on reload, 'ida' remains in cc...


  • SteveM is no longer supporting the mac installer. Need to find out who is taking over and list here. has: "Érico, together with a few other people in Brazil, have volunteered to step up to the challenge."
  • Create template for new tickets directing people to search for existing tickets.