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Plone Development Workspace

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  • To sign up for implementing a new feature, please file a ticket in the PLIP category, using the PLIP template. Also see  Plip Process.

To modify a ticket you must be logged in. You can log into this workspace with your username. If you have no user yet, you can  easily create one. In your new ticket please provide as much detail as possible. Especially which version of Plone you are using. You can get this information at the bottom of your Site Setup screen, listed as Version overview at the bottom of the page.

Contribute to Plone!

“I love Plone! How can I contribute to the project?”

There are many ways you can contribute to Plone, even if you are not a developer:

Contribute Code
Plone and its add-on products are the result of efforts from literally hundreds of developers. If you are a skilled developer, designer, or UI guru, we want you! Come  join Plone's active and enthusiastic developer community! You can sign up for collective or core access by  following these instructions.
Contribute Documentation
Plone is evolving rapidly, and we appreciate help in keeping our documentation up to date. You can contribute to the community by contributing to the  Plone developer manual, adding or editing user submitted tutorials to the  Knowledgebase area or joining the  documentations team. For a list of documentation tasks currently on the chopping block, see
Contribute or Maintain an Add-On Product
Over 250 developers have check-in privileges for the Plone Collective, a shared repository for Plone extensions.  Plone Collective.
Help Test
You can help make Plone as bug-free as possible. We can always use good testers and people to help manage our  issue tracker. You can also help keep quality high and triage tickets through the  QA team.
Contribute a Translation
Plone is available in more than 40 languages thanks to many dedicated translators. We need help keeping our translations up to date, and we are always looking for translations into new languages. If you have strong language skills,  talk to the internationalization (“i18n” for short) team.
Help organize
The web site always needs editors to help improve our web site. The best way to get started is to  get in touch with the website team and offer your help there.
Evangelize and write about Plone
Whether you write for the New York Times or have a blog, share your Plone experience with the world! If you blog regularly about Plone, consider getting your blog listed at  Planet Plone.
Donate to the Foundation
The Plone Foundation manages Plone's intellectual property, provides a voice for the community, and helps to create and disseminate promotional materials.  Donate to the Plone Foundation.

Regardless of how you choose to participate in the community, we appreciate your contribution!